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Ayurveda, which originated in ancient India thousand years ago, is a medical science which literally means Life Science. The practice of Ayurveda is for general wellness of Human Body and hence it also incorporates skin and haircare. Ayurvedic Medicines, either taken orally or applied externally, are generally prepared using parts of plants or naturally occurring substance including roots, leaves, fruits, bark, seeds, animal products and minerals. These ayurvedic products are generally free from harmful chemicals. Herbal hair oils are such Ayurvedic Herbal Products which are free from harmful chemicals and can be used to treat many hair related problems. To be effective Ayurvedic Products must be used in a certain way to so that their full potential can be garnered.

Massaging is the best way to apply any Herbal hair care product. One should take the required quantity of the HerbalOils apply it gently on the scalp. Massage the scalp gently with the fingers so that the oil seeps inside the skin and to the root of the hair. Messaging must be done using the circular motion and gently so that the mind feels relaxed.


Before applying on the scalp, HerbalOils should be used at a lukewarm temperature so that to increase its efficacy. Oil should be heated by taking it into a bowl and putting the bowl into lukewarm water. Heating directly on the flame should be avoided.

For the Ayurvedic Hair oil to work effectively it should be left applied on the scalp for certain amount of time. This time depends on how severe is the problem, time of application and on season of application. For better results Ayurvedic hair oil should be left applied on the scalp overnight. One can also wrap around a towel dipped in hot water for some time for desired result.

To remove excess oil from the scalp, washing with herbal hair cleanser is advisable after certain time. Herbal hair cleansers are made of natural products and they aid in the potency of the Herbal hairoils.

Ayurvedatouch is a GMP certified manufacturer and online seller of many different Herbal hair oils and Hair cleansers which can be used to treat Hair fall, thinning, graying and dandruff. One can log into their website to view and buy ayurvedic hair products online.

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