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Best procedure of Hair Transplantation in Pakistan



Hair transplantation or baldness/Alopecia treatment is a surgical technique by which permanent hair restoration can be achieved performed under local anesthetics making it simple procedure.

It is a meticulous process takes several hours to complete.

Careful placement of piece by piece the harvested grafts and Painstaking execution of each and every step of the treatment is needed that ensures to yield maximum hair growth at treatment site. Expert surgeons make sure to blend the grafted hairs to existing hairs to give natural fullness

Steps of Hair Transplantation:

Here is the step-by-step hair transplantation procedure:

1. Consultation

First consult your selected hair surgeons. Who will examine your scalp, density of hairs, quality of hairs and make assessment of your hair loss treatment in Pakistan.

2. Prepare yourself:

Before the surgery you will be advised to follow some instructions.

Those are following:

i) Stop smoking at least 24 hours before the treatment.

ii) No alcohol intake one week before surgery

iii) Take hair loss medication like Minoxidil and massage your scalp 10min a day two weeks before treatment

iv) If possible stop taking dietary supplements, NSAIDs, blood thinning medicines.

v) Don't get a haircut before surgery.

3. Treatment Day:

You will be awake during the entire procedure because it is painless procedure. An anesthesia, saline solution and mild sedatives are injected to donor area of selection.

4. Donor Hair Removal: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Hair trimming prior to procedure. Hair removed from back of head using blade with minimum damage. Sutural removal 10days after surgery. Hair technicians subdivide the graft into smaller sections to isolate individual follicular units. Follicular units should be intact with maximum hair growth. Careful precisions can make this possible.

5. Donor Hair Removal: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In FUE hair transplant in Pakistan individual follicular units are extracted making it prolonged procedure (sessional: 10 to 12hrs) unlike FUT in which donor tissue strips are removed making process invasive and painful.

Specialized instrument are used for extraction. Extracted follicular units are segregated according to density and preserved in solution.

6. Recipient Area Preparation:

First local aesthetics are injected to the area of treatment.

Irregular Small incisions are made with micro-needle. Surgeons ensure the right size slits maximum oxygenation, correct placement density, high graft survivability and fullness look.

7. Complete look:

After procedure you will achieve fullness look for your hairs, some redness may develop to the area of treatment but it last for few days.

8. Post-operative instructions:

Follow-up consultation for suture removal in case of FUT surgery. Take care of your hairs well. Don't use harsh hair damaging products and heat treatments for your hairs. Using mild shampoos are best for hairs. You will observe a good look for your hairs in one year after the treatment.

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