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Looking good and presentable is the need of time. Whether you are going in an informal function or a formal one it matters a lot. While your face and hair becomes the two most important aspects of your personality, you must also know how to take care of them. Only few on earth are blessed with plain, long, luscious and most importantly straight hair. But, a major chunk of people are derived from it because their hair has a different texture or maybe they are badly damaged. In such a scenario, one thing comes to your rescue – keratin hair treatment.

Keratin is a protein that is already present in the hair; however in this process what a stylist ideally does is that he provides this protein through cream of keratin. Once that is applied he or she would use an iron hot plate to seal it. Depending upon your type, different products which are rich in keratin are applied. Further, a person is advised not to come in contact with light and water for at least 3-4 hours. The keratin hair treatment needs touch up once in a while.

Due to the dry and hot weather if you are looking for a permanent solution then probably, hair rebonding in Dubai is the best option. In this process, a chemical is used which breaks the curly or wavy structure of the hair and again forms the structure similar to plain. These chemicals are safe to use and help in softening your hair and makes them look perfect. This process needs touch up once in a month, or once in six months entirely depending upon the growth of your new hair.

This process is not entirely harmful however; hair rebonding Dubai requires an extra care post treatment. One cannot stick to their older shampoos and conditioners after the treatment. After treatment the entire systems of hair care changes. It will turn out to be an unwelcome disaster if proper care is not taken.

People living in Dubai always want to look their best; this gave rise to a lot of spas in this city. Specialists from all over the world have established their spas here owing to the ever increasing demand. These spas offer some of the best solutions to all your beauty related problems, the staff here is skilled and very well trained. The best spas in Dubai offer various amenities like private yoga rooms, royal massage, world-class hair and skin treatment and much more.

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