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If you have thick, curly hair and wish to grow your tresses long, you will have to wait for years. If you have thin and weak hair, your dream of growing the manes long will hardly be accomplished ever. If you suffer from split ends, your shoulder length fur has to be chucked off right away. Unfortunately, you will be in a dilemmatic situation after this; on one hand, your hair will never grow if you do not trim inches away from your manes, on the other hand you have to wait for months to make your hair grow back to that length again.

But one solution for all such headaches is going for Hair Extensions Maryland, Munich, Florence, or elsewhere. All you need to do is to follow three basic steps: visit the professionally acclaimed experts of curls styling and Hair Weaving Maryland, Manila or the place you need, pay them their fees and transform your shortly cropped hair into waist length shiny manes within a few hours. However, you need to consider some essentialities in order to ensure that the project will be successful. Here are they. Check out now!


Avoid damages

If your hairdresser tells you that the process of hair extension will not cause any damage to your natural manes, you should immediately realize that he is lying! The professional hair experts will rather say that you are not immune against the negative after effects of curls extension on your natural fur. Nevertheless, they will also remark that you can stay out of these damaging effects of hair weaving if you follow some pre treatment and post treatment Fur care meticulously.

Go for regular sittings

If you believe that you can spend lavishly on hair extension because you it is a life time investment, you are wrong! If you have planned to go for this hair styling from a reputed salon in your city then the hair experts will always inform you that it is not a lifelong process. You need to go for regular sittings of hair treatment and styling after extension, or else the artificial extensions will tend to get entangled and form a lump over the time. Such situations will require an extensive haircut to get rid of the enormous lump of curls. Thus, you must keep aside enough cash to visit the salon regularly after Curls extension if you wish to make pride in your long manes.

Treat them like normal hair

If you are sanguine that you have opted for hair extension from a highly professional hairdresser and he has followed the right method of extension, you can treat your extensions like normal hair. You can wash it regularly, shampoo it, towel dry it or due it. However, you need to talk with the hairdresser in case you wish to go for heat setting or heated blow drying.

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