Types Of Hair Treatment

Additional Hair Care Information:

Scalp gets oily due to various underlying factors. Excess secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands is the chief reason behind. But, this secretion is controlled by various triggering factors, which incorporate the following issues:


  • Mental stress and tension
  • Improper use of hair care products
  • Having greasy or oily food
  • Hormonal imbalances or fluctuation
  • Genetic susceptibility
  • These can be blamed for oily scalp, which can lead to different hair problems that seek initial as well as complete care. Otherwise, progressive thinning or even baldness may occur. In case of bald head, nothing can act better than hair transplant, which is considered as the permanent solution for that. This is the best ever way to preserve the youth by taking a hold of head full of hair. But, apart from that, there are some other advantageous points that demand proper follow-up. There may be innumerable people, who are in need of different guidelines, right? So, here are the solutions.

    Regular care tips for oily scalp:

    Oily scalp and hair necessitates something different. By going through the below-mentioned points, people may understand the basics for that case:

    • Shampooing daily is a mandatory and besides, after applying shampoo, a gentle massage is required and along with this, the lather must be left for at least five minutes before the rinsing the scalp.
    • The selected shampoo must contain detergent (ammonium or sodium lauryl sulfate). That can work better on the oily scalp as the surplus oil can be absorbed. One can also opt for hair powder, which is recognized as the dry shampoo.
    • Conditioner should be evaded, when the hair quality is oily. If required, conditioner can be applied but that should be an oil-free conditioner.
    • Combing is essential for enhancing the blood circulation but for oily scalp, brushing should not be frequent enough. In fact, touching the scalp at the time of combing must be steered clear of so that the oil can't be transferred or spread throughout the scalp.

    These are the key factors that must be kept on mind but on the other hand, there are some add on resolutions or home remedies to keep the oily hair healthy and strong enough. Thus, thinning or slackening can be avoided.

    Home remedies for oily hair:

    • Lemon juice can be utilized for reducing the amount of excess oil from the scalp. It is ideal for preventing itching and dandruff.
    • Aloe vera gel is another good solution for the oily hair. It can even be mixed with shampoo to bet outstanding outcome.
    • Egg yolk can also bring forth wonder by proffering natural conditioning to the hair. Surplus oil can be removed with the goodness of it.
    • For natural shampoo, people can use baking soda. The oilness of the scalp gets reduced to a great extent.

    There are some other natural therapies that one can certainly choose for getting access to thick and bouncy hair. However, if the issues are severe or you are experiencing bald patches, don't think much. Step into any of Dr. Paul's Multispeciality Clinics, across the country, to have Hair Transplant. The organization is introducing amazing 15 on 15 offer on this Independence Day. You can grab unique skin and hair treatments at 15% off from 12th to 15th August. So, it's nevertheless prudent enough to take a hold of such unparalleled opportunity. There is nothing to be worried in case of gaining flawless skin with attractive hair as the clinic includes adept medical professionals in that case.

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