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As a teenager, the anticipation of prom is extremely exciting and exhilarating. In addition to finding the perfect dress for the occasion, determining the perfect prom hair is equally as important. You want to be able to choose a style that is classic, up-to-date, and flattering to your face and dress. Your best bet is to go in for a consultation with a professional hairstylist well in advance of the prom in order to determine what style is best for you.

There are a few factors that your stylist will discuss with you. First of all, the shape of your face will help to determine what type of style you should choose. You will want a style that will flatter your face, and help enhance your best features. Your stylist will identify what shape your face is and what hairstyle would fit best.


You'll also want to address the neckline of your prom dress and the style of the dress itself. Certain hairstyles suits certain dress styles better than others, so it's important to show your dress to your hairstylist so he or she can help to narrow down what hairstyle will be perfect for that special evening. For example, an open neckline and back would suit a hairstyle that is mostly down. Alternatively, if the neckline is closed, wearing an up-do would be suitable.

The texture of your style will need to be determined. Do you prefer a curly, wavy or straight look? Any one of these will look beautiful on any hairstyle, depending on what look you are going for, and what texture suits your face and your dress best.

Will you choose an up-do, or leave your hair down? Just because a prom is a formal occasion does not mean that it is essential to have your hair worn up. Of course, up-dos are gorgeous and classy, but having your hair styled down can also look just as glamorous.

In order to decide on all the above factors, book a consultation with a knowledgeable hair stylist at Fortelli's Salon and Spa. They will be able to help you make all the necessary decisions on the type of prom hair Oakville that will look best with your dress so you can focus on having a blast at your prom!

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