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Unless you have lived in a cave in recent months, you could not escape the rage of the “Brazilian straightening” or “keratin”. This technique is for relaxing the smooth curly or wavy hair, and also promises to “cure” and “fix” dry and damaged hair to make it soft and shiny. It is later easy to comb for at least 4 months. Obviously all this is a dream but what exactly is it? Moroccan carry a strong passion for smoothing keratin, often regarded as palliative treatment relaxer. Its Dubai time people! At the Mind and Sense spa, it is time to get enticed by the best keratin in Dubai. Here we decode all you need to know about Keratin!

What is Keratin?


Keratin is a major natural component of the hair. It is a protein containing a high level of amino acid based on sulfur, primarily cysteine, which will cause the hair to be structured. Now the best Keratin in Dubai gives it its shape and thanks that now there are hair rather smooth or rather curly. Besides, you cannot know it, but the films are a form of keratin that grows on the surface of the skin at a major friction. How about identifying with the incredulity of keratin just by scrolling below.

First a little reminder on the principle of change in shape of hair. By acting on the internal structure of the keratin (protofibrils) can change the shape of a hair. Specifically, it is necessary to modify the chemical bonds that hold the molecules together and that give hair the actual flexibility and strength.

There are two types of keratin bonds in the hair:

The hydrogen bonds and salt called weak, easily modified under the simple action of water and heat. Blow-drying, smoothing with hotplates or the Brazilian smoothing merely break those weak links before rearrange differently, by a thermo-mechanical action. The result of this smoothing will last only until the disulphide bridges are recovering and restore hair to its natural form.

The sulfur bonds called strong and called disulphide bridges. Particularly strong, as the name implies, it can break through a chemical action that will destroy them.

Japanese smoothing or straightening need to destroy these disulphide bridges. It is a delicate work because it is permanently to destroy the original structure of keratin as lighter and irreversible stiffness. The hair loses strength and will be more prone to breakage. Make sure to pander in the most beautiful hair smoothening behavior for your hair as best keratin in Dubai- comes alive!

Emphasis On The Best Keratin In Dubai

As stated above, the smoothing keratin is therefore one of “soft” methods to smoothen any kind of hair. It does not change its physical structure. The hair is smoothed by injecting a mixture of vegetable keratin and silicone.

At Mind and Sense, you are assured to coddle in an experience that is hair renovation and keratin dazzler for your beautiful hair. The hair is relaxed, very relaxed and unwanted frizz are mitigated. Several brands have launched in the market for Brazilian smoothing without formalin. However the Best Keratin in Dubai can only be pandered in our majestic spa.

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