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Head lice are considering the common problem that affecting many people all over the world. Young children and their family remain risk at that time. It's really very important to call a right lice removal service. They can perform well with their soft hands.

Tiny Locks is a professional service that delivers in-home head lice removal for your privacy that secures. We are specialized for our standard service that others cannot. Our service is only concern for your tension over head lice and takes proper steps to remove it soon as possible.


Children are the most threat of head lice problem. Parents are really considering a better treatment for their children's upcoming healthy life. Tiny Locks likes to deliver a process to remove head lice in most effective, non-toxic and friendly methods of treatment. Our products are very much contains organic and natural substance value. So that is really healthy service.

Tiny Locks delivers their service at Los Angeles, Orange country and Dallas areas. We are proudly treated many of affected people and bring a best result. Our 7 steps procedure method is so helpful to defend head lice for further infested.

Tiny Locks TM is considering only your infested problem and working as safely way for quick remedies. Our methods and way of treatment covered by most FSA and HSA health savings medical accounts. We remain your privacy at reliable like service in your own home. Our trained clinicians will deliver a best treatment that prevents further infestation in home and total safe follow-up care. You just contact us and our members discreetly arrive at your home with great honor your privacy.

Tiny locks head lice removal service provides most discretion and comfort that especially a lice salon cannot. Our qualified and experienced clinicians offers a standard chemical treatments that no harmful or toxic is organic treatments that quite effective. Our service is revolutionary that treat affected both lice and nits. We like to provide valuable treatment that effectively kill the lice and infested areas.

Tiny locks has the power to feel you reliable and do need to harsh or dangerous chemicals. No one will point a finger at you or your child for again affecting lice. Tiny Locks is the successful name of your head lice removal options.

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