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Working women have to keep a balance between work and family and the remaining time they spend worrying about the skin. In the middle of all this mayhem who gets to notice that your hair demands some share of your time. When you are short of time, there is certainly no point spending hours on styling. You can make them look stylish with the least amount of maintenance but you need to know the secret to healthy hair lies in appropriate cut. Moreover, a couple of shortcuts here will prove to be great time-savers.

Avoid too many salon visits for hair styling


Very short hair is not ideal

Most of the women would believe that small hair is key to low maintenance but this is not always true. As opposed to the conventional belief, you may have to take more frequent visits to the salon for trimming and styling of extra short. However, the frequency of visits is incredibly reduced with shoulder-length or longer. Besides that, you can't twist very short hair into a ponytail instead they will make you look more conscious about your appearance. So getting your hair trimmed to a very short length is not such a good idea.

Lots of layers are not ideal either

Long layers are universally flattering but that does not give you the license to ruin your hair with thick and heavy layers. It's fairly easy to understand that long layers will not require too much maintenance and hence the frequency of visits to the salon is reduced. As for the choppy layers, you require cuts and it's hard to fashion them into a good hair style without wasting your time. Since you have so many other things to take care of, you need a hairdo that requires least amount of time and effort.

Say no to split ends

The reason why most ladies visit the saloon for trimming is because, the hair tends to get split ends and so they become frayed and thin near the bottom. This leaves us with no other option but to run to the stylist to fix the problem. Conversely, the solution is quite simple. To extend the time between each trimming, you need to shampoo less frequently and provide proper conditioning to the ends.

You will find certain heat protectors in the market that can be applied on the before blow drying. Use a deep conditioner for your hair on weekly basis to replenish the lost health of hair and repair the cuticles so that split ends can be prevented.

Time saving during styling

Focus on styling the outer hair

For styling bluntly trimmed long layers, you may want to start by simply blow-drying them. Apply some drops of serum while the hair is still slightly wet and then dry only the outer layers of your hair with a brush without digging in for the hair underneath as this will only waste your precious time.

Avoid the dryer with curly hair

For girls having curly or frizzy, there is not much you need to do. With the least effort, your curls could turn out nice and bouncy. Apply any suitable frizz lifting cream and dry them while twisting them into individual curls. Start from the bottom of the hair while curling them to get the best shape.

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