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It is so many girls dream to have beautiful, long, cascading locks that mesmerize onlookers! But in reality girls who naturally have these beautiful manes are a minority in this world.

For those girls who crave to have those long, lustrous manes, the fashion industry has provided us with a solution; hair extensions. With hair extension now available in the marketplace, anyone can realize their dream of having long cascading hair.


Manes extensions can create length for those with shorter hair, and they are also great for those with thin hair and can add a large amount of volume.

Many women love to sport a new look when they have to attend a party or an important occasion. Some even love to change their looks every few months. Mane extensions are perfect for such people because they are available in different lengths, colours and styles and can be used to create unique fashion statements.

Mane extensions are available in two forms; synthetic and real human hair. Synthetic mane extensions are less expensive compared to real one, although what you pay for is what you get, and synthetic extension although affordable, never looks totally natural, and also cannot be styled as much as real human hair. Extensions made of human hair look natural, and if colour matched correctly will be almost undetectable against your natural one. Remy hair extensions are the best type of extensions because during the manufacturing process all of the hair strands are kept running in the same direction from root to tips, rather than mixing them up which causes the mane to tangle easily.

There are many methods of applying extensions, including; weave or sew-in extensions, where they braid the natural hairs in rows from ear to ear, then wefts of mane extensions are sewn onto the braids using thread. Tape-in extensions which use a special type of double-sided tape to attach wefts of hair to small sections of natural. Fusion or bonded hair extensions where individual keratin-tipped strands are attached to your natural hair using heat.

The care for extension is similar to that of your natural but a little more caution should be shown to ensure their longevity. Avoid tugging at the extension while brushing. Although you can use most of the same mane products, you should keep oil based products away from the roots to protect the tapes and bonds. Try to avoid tangling the hair at night by tying them in a loose braid. You can cut and style the hair extensions to blend them with your own hair which will give a very natural look. Always avoid bleaching the extensions as this will cause them to dry out. If you go swimming in the ocean or in chlorinated pools, always rinse your extensions immediately after.

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