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Yes, New York is all about the action, where the latest styles, fashion and looks seem to originate from, but what if those flowing locks of yore are looking a little more like the proverbial Big Apple, as in a scalp that is shiny and smooth, free of follicles? Is there a way to rekindle your inner Fabio?

There is and you too can be in the know with New York restoration.


Has your hair loss made you feel a little like a Samson sans his uber-virile head of hair? When you step out to grab a bit to eat, do you make sure you leave with cap in hand? Does a trip to the corner barber make you a little anxious? If you've answered yes to these, not to fret, there is help available. And no, this is not about trying to get away with a toupee that is guaranteed to slide off during some critical juncture in your life, this is about re-growing your very own hair, not some weirdly synthetic mullet wig but your own, natural head. Imagine shampooing actual strands, not just smearing soap on that slippery scalp, but sudsing up a good amount of that nearly forgotten bristly stuff, you know your hair.

Yes, New York restoration procedures are not without risk, but the results will astound and amaze you, your partner and your barber. Reclaim that youthful glow of yesteryear with a full head of hair, true you may not want to completely recapture that spiky do that was popular with you and your fraternity brothers, but at least with a hair transplant you can attempt some of those more fashionable and shaggier looks that seem all the rage. The best part? It is your hair! Complete with your natural shade, contour and texture. New York hair restoration is a surgical procedure that does require a consultation with a reputable cosmetic surgeon. Always ask questions and understand the risks involved with hair transplants. Try interviewing a few different recommended specialists in order to find that perfect fit. Hair restoration is not without a few post-op challenges but the end results will yield something that hasn't been seen for a long time-hair.

Yes, it may be a bit of a nuisance to suffer through a windy day as it blows your feathery locks to and fro, a la a Gentlemen's Quarterly photo shoot, but you'll manage somehow, after all, there is something to be said about that signature flip you've had to develop since growing out your hair. Or that rakishly handsome, side-swept curtain of thickened hair that stands up to the most daunting of elements.

Don't wait another New York minute! Call a New York hair restoration specialist today!

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