Serum Hair Care

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The treatment in nutshell

The attributes stated below would throw light on the most effective treatment. This has helped towards the re-growth of many individuals who had lost the hope of getting back hair.


  • This is a surgical treatment which primarily takes the follicles from the donor and plants on the bald areas of the scalp.
  • The transplant takes place involving a group of follicular units generally involving one to four follicles.
  • Is generally removed from that part of the scalp which is genetically resistant to balding.
  • The rear portion of the scalp generally represents that area which does not bald.
  • The follicles from the donor site is generally taken out in strips and planted on the bald area individually.
  • All the grafts are identical to the surrounding follicular units giving it a very natural look.
  • The requisite of this method is that should be emerged from the normal skin.
  • Any excess tissue around the follicular units is trimmed.
  • This process is known as the Follicular Unit transplantation.

A few other transplant processes

The Follicular Unit extraction is another very popular method by which the hair follicles are transplanted from the donor area to the bald or thin hair area. The prime difference from the Follicular Unit hair transplantation process lies in the fact that the follicles in this process are taken out individually from the donor.

There is a third process as well by the aid of which the hair can be transplanted. This is the direct Implantation method. An implanter is used to implant the follicles in this method. The results are almost the same for all the methods, however it can be safely said that different methods of treatment suits different individuals.

Benefits of hair transplant

This method of restoring hair has some striking advantages:

  • The treatment renders a permanent change and the transplanted hair grows like it does for the normal follicles.
  • Contrary to the belief of the many, minimal pain is associated with the transplant.
  • The new born hair on the bald area after the transplant looks absolutely natural.
  • There are no side effects attached with this surgery and the after effects of it are quite negligible.
  • The duration of the surgery is a few hours and the patient does not require staying back at the hospital.
  • The patient can get back to normal life within few weeks of the surgery.
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