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Dealing with a child who can't stand the sight of shampoo or a brush? Toddler hair care can be a challenging endeavor.Almost every parent has a child who throws a tantrum while having his or her locks washed or brushed.

From shampooing to brushing, here are some quick and simple tips to manage your baby's locks:


#1: Brush first

Tangles and knots can easily form in toddler hair. A great way to prevent tangles is by brushing dry hair prior to bath. De-knot your child's hair with a wide-toothed comb or a brush. Use gentle strokes.

# 2: Wet hair

Washing a child's hair can be stressful. Most toddlers fear getting shampoo foam in their face. Choose a gentle, no-tears baby shampoo that won't cause irritation to your kid's eyes.

Also, it's better to use a handheld shower nozzle to wash their hair. A handheld shower nozzle directs the water flow where you intend it to go.

You can also use a shower visor or a dry hand towel, which your child can cover their face with while you pour water over them.

# 3: Use a small amount of shampoo

Use a small amount of shampoo, even if your child has thick locks. A dime-sized amount works well. Pat the shampoo gently through your child's hair.

Most kids hate shampoo over their heads. If your child fears shampoo, sing a song or tell a story to engage them. You can also place an unbreakable mirror so that they can watch themselves as you apply shampoo.

Resist the urge to shampoo their hair daily. Wash hair only when it's required. Generally speaking, twice or thrice a week is suitable for toddlers.

# 4: Rinse well

Make sure you give your child's head a proper rinse. Check for any shampoo residue at the end of the shower. Residue will make their hair sticky and oily.

Don't brush or comb wet hair. It leads to hair breakage. Wait for your child's locks to air dry and then use a soft brush to gently brush their hair. The best time to brush your child's hair is when he or she is busy watching their favorite cartoon.

Last, but not the least, get a cut that's short, clean and easy to manage.

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