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Bridal hair services have diversified their offers, some being more specialized than others. Finding a hair stylist has never been simpler, as any basic web search reveals a variety of options that suit even the most peculiar of requests.

For years brides have been relying on mane stylists to prepare for the big day. Specialized professionals in this business offer a number of services before and on the wedding day, and the packages available could be adjusted to meet even the most difficult of bride's requirements.


Services in the package

Once you have selected to work with a certain curls stylist, you need to address all the aspects and book ahead.

The Pre-wedding day consultation allows for both bride-to-be and mane stylist to discuss about the kind of service the bride needs for the wedding. The service package is designed based on what the bride and her bridal party need. While with some service providers this consultation meeting is cost-free, other professionals charge for it.

Bridal hair design. After visiting online galleries and leafing through various magazines, brides can pinpoint several favorite mane styles. Sometimes, the decision is made together with the mane stylist.

Hair style trials – this is the trial period closest to the wedding. Hairstylist and bride meet to try out mane designs. With some bridal mane services, only a certain number of styles will be tried out. There are also mane stylists who do not impose such limitations and give of their expertise and time freely.

Extra services for bridesmaids, flower girls, guests and mother may also be included in the package. And each of the hairstyles comes for a different price. For example, you'll pay less for your bridesmaid or for the flower girl than you pay for your mother or mother-in-law. It's usually the chosen hair style that influences the offer.

How much will it cost?

The wedding budget usually includes a section dedicated to the bridal arrangements. The cost of professional mane services vary greatly depending on:

  • The hair stylist's experience in the business;
  • The pre-wedding consultation;
  • The bride's hair design with price variations for short, medium and long hair;
  • The number of additional services etc.

Where to find bridal hair services?

Hair stylists have multiple channels to advertise.

  1. The Internet is the number one platform to use for advertising a serious business.
  2. Bridal hair services further use local offline media such as street and window shop banners, classifieds sections, content marketing in local newspapers etc.
  3. Recommendations from pleased customers. A bride that is happy with her hair style on the wedding day spreads the word to friends, family and acquaintances. Every referral helps the hairstylist build a solid reputation.

Pricing for the wedding day services

In addition to the wedding hair design, hair stylists also offer cutting, straightening, washing, curling and various other types of treatments. They are all performed on the wedding day.

The price offer for each of these is usually presented to the bride weeks or even months before the wedding day, depending on every individual case. Mention must be made that emergency bridal hair services may be available but the fees charged are higher.

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