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Men generally suffer from baldness and it is rarely seen in women. Mostly, the women suffer from a diffuse hair thinning all over their scalp. In Alopecia, patients lose their hairs from different body parts. Fortunately, hair transplantation can give good result and the treatment is independent of the gender, causes, and the extent of the hair loss.

Baldness is mainly divided into two categories which are as follows:


  • Cicatrical Alopecia
  • Non-Cicatrical Alopecia

What is Cicatrical Alopecia?

Cicatrical Alopecia, also known as Scarring Alopecia is an uncommon syndrome which damages the hair follicles. In this case, the follicles are destroyed by the inflammation which may happen due to allergic reaction, tumors, accidents, and the harmful chemical components present in the cheap hair care or styling products. This syndrome is again divided into two categories:

  • Scars may form due to infection, burns etc. while the thinning of the hair doesn't spread so diffusively and one can observe bald patches at a particular zone. So, in other words, it doesn't damage all the scalp hairs.
  • Folliculitis: It results into the destruction of the follicles from inflammation. In this case, the hair loss is diffusive.

Most of the centres of the best hair transplant in Kolkata provide solution to the issue through the restorative method. But as this syndrome is very rare, much research has not been done on this till date. As a result, many trichologistsare still unable to understand its different prospects. Its treatment depends on the baldness pattern and a thorough diagnosis. If your hair loss is a result of your unfit medical conditions, then early diagnosis and treatment can help you get back your lost hair.

However, stem cell therapy – the advanced form of hair restoration technique can effectively treat Scarring or Cicatrical Alopecia. The stem cell therapy is a wonderful choice that can restore the hairline permanently especially in those who don't have enough donor hairs.

What is Non-Cicatrical Alopecia?

Non-cicatrical Alopecia is a genetically inherited disease. Here, the follicles undergo miniaturization leading to the shedding. Androgenic alopecia falls under this category. The different types of hair loss syndrome which comes under this category are:

  • Alopecia Areata
  • Androgenic Alopecia
  • Trichotillomania
  • Telogen Effluvium

Anyone who has sufficient donor hairs can undergo the treatment from the clinic of the best hair transplant in Kolkata. The baldness resistant hairs which is available only at the donor sites of the patient scalp is used to relocate to hide the bald patches and to grow hairs in that region. In both the types of the syndrome, the entire transplantation process remains the same.

Not all the hair clinics have proficient surgeons to perform the surgery flawlessly. To get in touch with a reputed clinic such as Dr. Paul's Multispecialty Clinic, you should take out some time to do an extensive research. However, you may have to undergo two or more sessions to get the desired result. It is only after 6 months, you will observe some hairs have started to grow on your scalp.

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