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The best part about getting a haircut done is that it looks wonderful that day. But the silky shiny beauty of your locks is too short-lived to even show it off properly. Most women yearn for that perfect blow-dried hair as after a haircut.

For parties and occasions you can still get them styled at a Delhi salon, but it is the day to day styling that is annoying. Every day when you are tired of that slick look, your hair sticking on to your head, it is then that you yearn for that salon look. But doing that daily is not possible.

So here is how you can style your hair at home as if it were blowdry Delhi salon style.

  • First, when you come out of shower, towel dry your hairs thoroughly as you don't want them dripping water.
  • Now if you wish for a long lasting volume, take some styling mousse and apply it on each and every strand from root to tip and then apply a volumizing spray.
  • Now, take some argan oil and brush a little on just the tips of your hair for heat protection.
  • Take a round brush and a blow drier with a nozzle.
  • First, roughdry your hair using your hands in upward direction. When they are reduces from wet to damp. Partition your hair and divide them in clean sections.
  • Keep the sectional strands small and thin as it will get messy to handle.
  • Except the lower back section, pin everything up on your crown.
  • Now comb it well from the inside and slowly start to roll it from tip just like they do at Delhi salons. Dry it from tip, mid shaft then roots and pull out the brush in a gentle upward stroke without damaging the swirl.
  • Repeat on other strands as well moving in circular direction from both ears. Make your way up till the front section is left.
  • Now, is the time to be careful, as you need volume at the top. Brush in gentle upward strokes and keep drying as you go.
  • Now part your as desired.
  • Blow cool air from a distance to cool it down but not to ruffle the hair.
  • Finally, take the brush and twirl the first strand falling loose on your face to give it a slight curl.

With this, you must be ready to go out with those salon style hairs. However, when trying to make tougher styles or if preparing for a special occasion, you might want to opt for a professional salon. The strands at the back can be messy and hard to reach, plus the stylist can do it in different styles to give

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