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Keratin, a protein component made up of 28 amino acids. This is a part of human nails, teeth and hair. It is a main component which leads to shiny and healthy , nails and teeth. Beauty procedures like perms, straitening and colouring of hair leads to breakage of keratin and thus the hairs loses its shine. To help you in this and get the old shine in your hair was Keratin complex formed.

Keratin complex has done wonders by filling up the deficient natural constitutes and lead to healthy and shiny .The Keratin complex is used widely and is harmless until the content of formaldehyde in the complex is less than 1 percent.


Due to many benefits of Keratin, it is used widely for treating this. This complex is used in treating damaged hair by restoring its beauty. Keratin complex can be used for treating any hair type and is the perfect moisturizer. It provides nutrients to the hair and from within and can also be used as Keratin Straightening complex.

Keratin complex has been known for removing the frizz and improve the overall shine and strength of the hair by up to 95%. Unlike other artificial hair products, Keratin complex has a natural smell of coconut and takes from 3-6 hours to apply. The time depends on the length of the hair and the experience of the applier.

Keratin straightening complex is the perfect solution for people who are tired of their frizz and wants to get rid of them. The keratin complex is natural and rejuvenates the hair like no other product. It restores the nutrients of your hair and makes it shine like never before.

Apart from your beautiful hair, it is also very important to take care of your skin. Your skin, if not taken care can get rough, tan and loose all its charm. You can look out for skin care San Ramon to keep your skin rejuvenated and charming all the time.

There are many skin care specialist who can provide you with their assistance in San Ramon. These skins specialists will treat your skin in the most gentle and the best way. They will make sure that your skin remains glowing and reflects your positive side. You can look out for skin care consultants over the internet and set an appointment online within a few clicks.

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