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The prime factors behind thinning and loss of hair

People, who do not have a single moment to stop in this fast paced life, definitely need to look at the reasons that take its toll on the human body and cause damage to hair. Some of the key aspects are:


  • Excess work load and tensions leading to loss of sleep
  • The food habits fall short of the desired levels.
  • Junk food and oily diet is a demon for the hair.
  • Pollution is primary responsible for all the issue and ailments of the body.
  • Genetic disorder and hereditary issues also contribute greatly towards hair loss.

The combatant force

The modern day surgical and non surgical treatments are the answers that the medical science has constructed for the ailments with hair. In its early days when the awareness of these treatments was still in the nascent stage, it received flak and criticism from many quarters. However, with the passage of time and with the results of the treatments coming into the fore front, hair loss treatment as a whole have gained acceptability. Surgical treatment and the non surgical ones have both found its ground.

Hair transplant

The key modern hair restoring therapy is the hair transplant. Some of its highlighting attributes are:

  • It is a surgical treatment
  • The hair follicles are extracted and shifted to the part of baldness.
  • The follicles which are moved are genetically resilient to thinning.
  • The modern day techniques transplant the follicles in a bunch of one to four units.
  • The appearance after the transplant is absolutely natural. Nobody would have an iota of idea about the transplant.
  • All the aspects including the density, color of the existing hair is analyzed before the transplant.
  • Great results have been achieved at the minimum levels of pain.
  • The side effects of the treatment are nil.

The Non Surgical hair treatments

Medical science has definitely spared a thought for the people intimidated by the scalpel and the forceps. Non surgical treatments have also yielded positive results and attained acceptability. Mesotherapy, one of the prime examples of it involves injection of a mix of vitamin, acids and enzymes into the scalp. This acts as special nourishment to the hair follicles. The mix is also responsible for enhancing the blood circulation in the scalp. The secretion of DHT is a negative factor towards the growth of hair. With the help of the injected mix, the excess DHT is neutralized. All these combine to the re growth of the hair. Most importantly, this therapy is neither a time consuming factor nor a pain involving treatment. PRP is another prime example of a non surgical treatment.

Platelet rich plasma therapy

The highlights of this popular therapy can be summarized below.

  • The platelet rich plasma is injected into the scalp
  • Blood cells take care of the growth factor of the follicles.
  • The therapy is very natural as the blood of the same person is injected.
  • No pain is involved in this.
  • Two to three sittings will fetch results.

The hair loss treatments have been able to eradicate the frustrations of many. Credit goes to the experienced doctors of Mumbai who are attached to the clinic and are handling patients with care.

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