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Your hair forms a vital part of your personality. A shiny and healthy mass of hair attracts everybody's attention and is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore it is extremely important for a person to take good care of his hair. In order to take care of the hair, people rely on a number of hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and many more. Most people wash their hair using shampoos and have a misconception in mind that the shampoo which produces a lot of lather during the wash is the best shampoo. The reality is actually quiet contrary to this particular belief.

The excessive lathering is on account of the presence of sodium lauryl sulphate, known as SLS. It is a surfactant mixed with air which causes the bubbling. It is basically a cleansing agent and is very harmful for the hair. It washes away the natural oils that are already present in the hair thereby making them dull and dry. In order to maintain the health and shine of the hair, it is necessary that you switch on to a sulphate free shampoo.

All natural and herbal shampoos are free of sulphates thereby making them ideal options for washing the hair. You should choose a shampoo with great care and attention and therefore there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while buying a shampoo for yourself. It is very important that you know your hair type. Different people have different types of hair such as dry, oily and many more. Therefore each hair type requires a different type of shampoo and there are a number of shampoos available for different types of hair. Choosing a mild shampoo is a wise decision but it is not sufficient.

When buying a shampoo, you need to go through its contents very carefully. The contents are listed on the cover itself and you can easily find out if it is a sulphate free shampoo or not. You should always check the ingredients of a shampoo before making the purchase and should never opt for a shampoo only because it is a popular brand. Even after buying the suitable shampoo, your work is far from over. You should try the shampoo for a certain period of time before going steady with it. This is because when you switch from a harsh shampoo to a sulphate free shampoo, your hair would be dry after the initial wash. The actual effect can be felt and seen only after trying the shampoo for some time. After few washes, if your hair feels cleaner and healthier than before then you should know that you have found the right shampoo for yourself.

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