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Women always try out different hairstyles to make them manageable and yet make it look stylish. Trying out different styles will obviously make the length of the hair uneven. Sometimes, it might even lead to split ends as well. Now, to repair your damaged hair and make it look fashionable, you should try out something different. If you are wondering what does this term 'something different' means, try out hair straightening process. It will not only make your mane manageable but will also make your appearance look different. Different kinds of tools like flat iron tool and stylish products are now available in the market. You can try out these products as well. If you are worried as to how the hair straightening process will take place, beauty videos of Canada are there to help. Few tips are there that will help you to prepare your mane before the mane ironing process and get effective result after the process gets over. What those processes are?

Prepare your hair in the process – This hair straightening process works well if the mane is properly cleaned and dried out. Make sure the product you use to clean up your locks should have moisturizing content in it. Don't forget to use conditioner on your damp hair to make it soft in nature. After towel-drying your locks, use leave-in conditioner as it will protect your hair from the extreme heat of the flat iron. Once your locks is fully dried, comb through it to free your hairs from any tangle. It will make the ironing process easier for you.

Choose appropriate flat iron – According to your locks length, choose appropriate flat iron to do the straightening process. It should be at least 1 to 1.5 inches wide so that the hair gets passed through the flat iron smoothly. Many beauty experts recommend in using light weighted flat iron as they are easy to use. However, before using the iron, check the temperature to make sure that the flat iron is not too hot for your hair texture. To check the temperature of the flat iron, place a piece of damp cloth in between the iron and clamp it firmly. If the tissue gets dried up without being scorched out, the temperature of the iron is then perfectly apt for your hair. If the cloth gets burned out, lower the temperature.

Start straightening your hair – Now, make a parting in the middle and divide your hair in 2 sections. Now again separate your tresses into thin sections. It's better if you start with the underneath section first and slowly move in the upward direction. Before this, apply hairspray to make your tresses compatible to bear the heat of the flat iron. Pull the comb till the tip end of the hair and leave the iron section to get it cooled down. Repeat this process with the other sections of the tresses as well. Once your hair gets cooled, you will silky, soft, straightened tresses.

Once you are done with the straightening process, use hair serum or smoothing cream to make your hair look glossier and smoother to touch. Make sure the serum you use is of professional quality. If you have any kind of confusion regarding the entire process, just type 'how to makeup video' in search engine optimization and you will get videos related to this treatment as well.

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