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Vanity is every girl's right. This is truly said and universally accepted. There would be a very less number of girls who don't believe in dressing up. Girls like to apply all sorts of makeup and mascara to look more beautiful. It is obvious that they also do things to their hair to make them look perfect.

Care and Beauty


There is a long list of products created specifically to make it as you look the way you want it to look. The most famous of these are: gel, spray and serum. The gel is used for giving a wet, lustrous look to the hair. Spray is used for holding it in the manner you want. Serum is used for making the shiny and tangle-free. Then there are the colors products, which give you the option of coloring and shade you want.

Since all this was already in the pipes, how the manner of hair could not be converted! There are three types of hair:

  • Straight
  • Curly
  • Crimped

A person's hair can be classified into one of the three mentioned above.


The straight look is in vogue right now. So, females left, right and centre are looking to have their hair straightened. There are two types of straightening: Temporary straightening and permanent hair straightening. For making your hair straight permanently you need to have the hair medically treated. For temporary straightening effects, straightening irons are used.

Usually a session for temporary straightening costs a lot in the beauty parlor. The straightening iron doesn't cost a lot and the technique for using the device is very easy.

So, it is better to buy an iron for yourself. Since there a lot of companies selling straighteners you have a lot of choices.

The Points to be considered

The points to be kept in mind in order to buy the best hair straightener are:

There are two types of straighteners: Stainless steel straighteners and ceramic straighteners. Ceramic type is the newer and better of the two. So it is always preferred over the stainless steel type. The straightener should have the following features:

Quick drying: This feature lets you use the iron despite your hair being wet. You just need to let the plate of iron become extremely hot.

The plate width: There are two types of width of the plate:

Broad: It is used for thick long hair. As the name suggests, it has a broad plate.

Narrow: It is used for thin hair. Useful for men and females looking to straighten their fringe.

The straightener must provide an option which gives us control over its temperature.

Panasonic range of hair straighteners has all these features and thus is worth looking at. If you want to look beautiful with straight hair, these are the devices to look for.

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