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Raw eggs and beer are two great ingredients you can add to your shampoo and appear quite regularly in DIY hair recipes. If you'd like to know how to use them please read on.

Raw eggs are mostly made up of protein, and can give your hair a boost with shine and body. Did you know your hair itself is made up of 97% protein so it needs protein. You can beat a raw egg and add it to your basic shampoo recipe to strengthen your hair. After adding the raw egg to your shampoo, wash your hair as normal but ensure you rinse your hair thoroughly and only with cool water. Aim to rinse your hair for a full minute. Warm water will only poach the egg and leave a mess in your hair which will force you to wash it again. So avoid that hassle by sticking to cool or cold water when possible.

Raw eggs spoils quite quickly so any recipe that involves the use of raw eggs shouldn't be made too far in advance and make sure you store your mixture in the fridge if it is not going to be used immediately. If possible use a separate container to store your egg shampoo mixture in – it is not advisable to mix the raw egg into your whole bottle of shampoo. This will only result in waste as you will not be able to use up the whole bottle of shampoo before the egg goes off.

Another great ingredient for your hair is beer. It was invented 4000 years ago by the Egyptians (who would have thought so considering how little beer they drink compared to Europeans and Americans), and has been recognized to have the ability add shine, body and bounce to hair.

Like raw egg, beer can also be added to your DIY shampoo recipe or your regular commercial shampoo. Simply heat up one cup of your favourite beer (if possible stick to light lagers like Budweiser) in a milk pan. Bring it to a slow boil until the beer is reduced to half it's original volume. Take it off the heat and leave it to cool. To add it to your shampoo stir 1 cup of the shampoo of your choice, this can be a homemade shampoo or a commercial shampoo you like to use. You can store your beer shampoo mixture in a plastic bottle or jar. Use your beer shampoo mix to wash your hair as you would normally use your shampoo. Don't forget to follow up with a hair conditioner – homemade or commercially made conditioner. Using a conditioner after washing your hair is very important to soften your hair and aid with detangling.

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