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Recent past patient groups in India increase in abundant wealth and gaining good medical knowledge, are calling for better healthcare options however the conventionally driven medical practices can't hope to sustain with ever raising purpose. The demands for medical specialists able to address issues beyond what often poorly groomed general medical professionals can manage is bringing more intensity. To analyze the these challenges, here is the chart on some medical specialties in India vs. the United States of America.

India USA Specialty Number of practitioners (approx) Per 1 lakh populations Number of practitioners (approx) Per 1 lakh populationsOphthalmologists 1100 0.92 19000 6.33 Cardiologists 5000 0.42 31500 10.5 Radiologists 10000 0.83 25000 0.83 Dermatologists 7000 0.58 10000 3.33


The United States of America believed to have a deficit of medical specialists also a shortage of primary care medical professionals. It has suffered such deficit for many years. For example, India has a huge deficit of therapeutic specialists in comparison to USA; while these per capita differences will pin down over time, it will consume very good period. Therefore how the Indian people, who doesn't have channel to a medical specialist, living to get aid in the next 15 years? Giving new methods of reasonable medical access not a simple thing. To bring to normal industry analysts suggest few things on the current issues:

Medical specialist's services must not only approachable however so possible to opt for both urban and suburban people. In our country have a high disposition to bear for quality medical care investigations that are fairly possible to opt. Increasing patient awareness in our country, therefore demand will go forward if medical care is not too expensive and easily reachable.

Also, patient's mind sets are very clear now all they wanted is medical services from trustable resources.

Contraption is main thing for Indian patients, for example if any patient wants to consult with any medical specialist, their appointments are hard to think and finally patients adjust with standing in a huge line further more for many patients, getting cured or recovered for the simplest medical history is a costly affair.

Scheduling appointments for new patients requires to be commodious for Indian medical specialists. Most doctors are tightly occupied, therefore, to take new patient appointments they require an answer which encourages them to concentrate more services in the same time.

Indian specialists need to gain good compensations. While specialists' motivations vary in India, assuring the reasonable compensation in par with global standards helps that they pay good attention to deliver quality medical treatments.

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