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Your Hair Transplant Results are enormously important to us more than anything else. We always perform great to achieve best possible outcome to give you a natural and undetectable look. Here you are considering Hair Transplant in Dubai at Cocoona, be confident that you are totally in a safe hand and best center in Dubai. All of our surgeons and supportive technicians are expert and exhaustively trained.

Dr. Sanjay Parashar is a determined and ambidextrous skilled surgeon. He is an acknowledged international cosmetic plastic and hair transplant surgeon famous for skilled hands and bird's eye in his aesthetic work. With wide experience of the industry, skill and artistic designing, he achieved long term success with either FUE or FUT hair transplant techniques.

Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation with its team of experts under the supervision of Dr. Sanjay Parashar improving facial looks of people suffering from baldness to look feel good through cosmetic and hair transplant procedures. He trained his team in-house under his leadership and all of them are truly top of their skills. Dr. Sanjay looks professionalism and perfectionism in his team. They are guided how much this hair restoration procedure is important to patient's look as well center, after all reputation walks-out the door with patient. Most hair transplant patients underestimate the importance of good hair transplant technicians. Yet, a competent technician can make a difference between GOOD and GREAT hair transplants. Placement of grafts is very important factor of hair transplants which mostly done by technicians. The process of hair restoration is lengthy and tedious task which would be prohibitively expensive if performed entirely by the surgeon. That's why all hair transplant surgeons assign the bulk of the procedure to the well trained technicians. Being professional our technicians understand that grafts dissection has a vital role to producing great results. Under the supervision of Dr. Sanjay our dedicated team enhancing looks every day by using their best skills.

Dr. Sanjay has more than 10,000 patients successfully treated and they are enjoying their lovely looks with full of confidence, is a proof of his competent approach and carefulness of his practice. His love and determination to the field also comes with a new book “Reviling the Skin I am in” and couple of are under publishing on Hair Transplantation and Liposuction. He gained special attention when a newspaper published an article under the title “The Robin hood of cosmetic surgery” covering his passion, skills and achievements of the field.

Dr. Sanjay Parashar is not only just offering great hair transplant results but also focuses providing international standards services with guaranteed privacy protocols. Due to his constant, unwavering and dedicated approach Cocoona Center is gained high reputation and among top on Hair Transplant in Dubai.

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