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Choosing the right hairstyle depends on a number of factors; the shape of your face, the kind of hair you have, and even your skin tone and facial features can play a part in deciding. One thing many stylists overlook is your lifestyle; since many women don't have the time and energy to devote to looking like a celebrity every day. Sure, when you visit the salon you almost always feel like a million bucks walking out with your hair newly cut, colored and styled, but being left to your own devices can be overwhelming if you're not a hair magician like your stylist. So if your lifestyle and hairstyle are not on the same wavelength, here are a few important things to consider:

Less is More – If you want a quick and easy hairstyle, your options are clear; shorter hair is always easier to maintain. Of course the reasoning behind this is that short hair means a faster drying time and less hair to style. Some styles are considered “wash and go,” if your hair is the right texture and can naturally dry wavy or even curly. Short styles are not only easier to manage and style, but they also require less products and tend to be cheaper on the upkeep.

Thin Down – Another great trick for managing your mane is to remove the extra bulk from thick hair styles. You can go to one of the best hair salons in Houston to either add layers to your straight or wavy hair or have them use thinning shears on curlier hair types. Women who have their hair thinned or layered can see up to a 50% reduction in drying time.

Don't resist – One way keep your hair management easy is to choose a hairstyle that seems to flow with your hair's natural texture, thickness and flow. Sure, many women have become addicted to their blow dryer and flat iron for making themselves look pulled together, but a natural look can still feel manicured when it's paired with the right outfit and makeup. Going against your hair's natural tendencies leaves your hair looking overworked and stressed.

The most important thing to do to match your hairstyle with your lifestyle is to have a good conversation with your stylist. Let them know what kind of schedule you have; if you shower in the morning or in the evening. If you work out every day and how much time you can commit to a daily routine. They should be able to help determine which hair style is best for you.

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