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Good actors are considered the lifeblood of any movie. It is they who breathe life to a character and the panorama of movies. With their marvelous looks and dazzling charisma they mesmerize the viewers. Actors convey their emotions and deliver their dialogues in such a way that it touches people's heart. But they are also well complemented by suitable attire, make-up and special effects.

Getting into the skin of the character is vital for any actor. Therefore, many actors who assay difficult roles tend to put themselves in circumstances or surroundings that could produce in their own minds and hearts the coveted effect to give the best performance. Actors like Sean Connery, Samuel Jackson and Bruce Willis have gone bald naturally because of their age or for the sake of their character requirements. Similarly Terence Stamp, Billy Zane and John Malkovich have excelled in various genres by going bald while the potency of their performances had remained intact. Some Hollywood actors went bald to shed their aesthetic archetypical image, while some went bald for exuding genuineness and for doing justice to their characters in the movies. But the truth is since these actors started losing hair because of their age. Even they suffered from receding hairline.


One of the simplest and safest ways to transform a bald head into a head full of hair is through a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) process. It has a rapid recuperation period with an effective outcome that can be treasured within some months of this treatment. A scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is ideal for the period of an allocated film character for the reason that it curtails the preparation time for a movie scene. It also keeps the performer within the skins of the role that he is assaying when he is not busy in shoots. Most prominently, he has the alternative to keep hold of the treatment even subsequent to the shooting of the film is over.

Patrick Stewart, Sir Ben Kingsley and Jason Statham are all versatile and marvelous actors who always set the silver screen on fire. The secret of their success is definitely their scintillating performances, their commitment towards their profession and of course their bald head.

Patrick Stewart and Bruce Wills perhaps look and act best when they are bald with the former actor having coming up with his best performances with bald head. The star trek actor Patrick Stewart is considered one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood despite his bald look.

Bruce Willis one of the finest actors with power-packed performances in movies like Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense, Armageddon is also considered to be an influential actor. Who could forget his sexy and sensational look in the 1990s? But with the passing years his hair receded leading to baldness.

Hair loss is a common health disorder from which even the celebrities are not spared. It shows they are also human beings like us. Now-a-days with advanced treatments like hair transplantation one can easily get back their lost hair as well as confidence without suffering scars and pains. With the evolution of technologies and advanced treatments like hair transplantation the dream of having healthy and bountiful hair to the bald head can come true very easily. With the aid of reputed clinics boasting of expert surgeons and latest technologies, one can easily opt for the hair transplantation surgery.

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