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In the herbal world, a large number of products are available, which have medicinal properties and hence find use in different treatment preparations. Since ancient times, many herbal plants in form of shrubs or herbs and a few trees have been cultured and grown, especially to have a continuous supply of treatment products. By word of mouth from the grandparents and from various written and documented texts, people have come to know about the beneficial uses of various herbs. Extracts from the different parts of these plants have come in handy for treatment of various diseases.

Bhringraj powder for hair and ayurveda medicines There are lots of plants in the herbal world, such as Reetha, Bhringraj, Indigo, Brahmi, Rose, Sandalwood, etc, which have come in use for herbal treatments. Many of these plants are in common use in ayurveda medicines even today, helping many people with their goodness. Bhringraj powder is obtained from the leaf extract and has properties which serve as liver tonic, hair vitalizer and rejuvenator. The powder form has use in preparations of hair oils, pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products and various oral preparations for medicinal use. Although, the use of bhringraj powder was being done in the past, in the modern world, this product has been widely marketed and utilized in plenty.

Reetha powder with medicinal properties and other uses Another product, which has found use in the ayurveda medicines, is the reetha powder. This form is consumed either directly through oral route or mixed with other substances or herbal products, for being taken up for medicinal use. Reetha plant is found in the form of small deciduous tree, a popularity of which is the fruit called as soap fruit. From this fruit, a number of soaps are manufactured, whose history dates back to more than thousand years. Soapnuts have been used by people for washing, but nowadays, these are commercial used as ingredients of various detergents and soaps. Some cosmetic products are also manufactured from the reetha powder. Due to the popularity of reetha as hair strengtheners, this powder is used in various hair oils, shampoos and cleansers. As medicine, the reetha powder is used for eczema, freckles and psoriasis.

Indigo powder as a dyeing agent Since long, a popular dyeing agent is the indigo powder. It is derived from the shrub, usually found in subtropical areas in South-eastern Asia. From the flowers, after drying, the indigo dye is prepared and used for coloring hair, putting in designs on the hand and for other dyeing purposes.

Herbal products have a special place in the day to day lives of people. In the modern world, researches have further established some of the beliefs and hence, added to their efficacy and safety profile. There are also many products, which are under the scanner of research, but the beliefs existing since ancient times, have given them a stronghold in the lives of people.

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