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Your hairs have a lot to do with your overall appearance. Apart from other features that make you look attractive, having beautiful hairs full of health will certainly add up more to your attraction. If you happen to be someone who cares a lotabout hairs and start losing them in big numbers, then this is something which you may not tolerate at any cost. It is certain that you will try all possible ways and means to stop hair loss but if nothing works well for you then within a matter of few years you will have moon shinning on your scalp which means baldness.

Hair fall is a very common hair problem and a number of men and women fall victim to it at some stage in their life. As far as the females are concerned, they do lose hairs but the chances of complete hair loss or baldness are far less as found in males. In some cases, the hair fall starts in early teen age and by the time a person reaches twenties the hairs have lost completely. On the other hand, people normally experience hair fall sometime in mid twenties which keeps going on this late 30s. The main causes of hair fall can be different in one person to another. Some major causes of this problem include thyroid disease, low protein diet, Iron deficiency, stress and inheritance.

In the last couple of decades, there have been a few methods of hair restoration or atleast cover the bald area. The most common one was use of wig which has been effectively replaced by use of hair piece. The hair piece was good in a way that it would provide instant solution to baldness. However, it was temporary and ofcourse not a natural way of hair restoration. For this reason, it was not preferred by many people as it was not easy to take care of this regularly. This somehow gave rise to surgical hair transplant which is becoming common with time. Good thing is that besides regular transplant meant for males now there is also female hair transplantavailable which is especially for women who have lost great deal of hairs.

When it comes to Hair Transplant people ofcourse like to know how it works. Generally what happens that a strip of scalp with dense hairs is removed from back of the head which is then divided into small grafts. These grafts are then inserted in the bald area with the help of special instruments. This is a conventional method of hair transplant and known as Strip removal method. The other method of hair transplant is known as FUE hair transplantwhich is quickly gaining popularity. Unlike the conventional strip removal method, there is no cut made and the pain in minimum.

The hairs from the donor area are removed one by one and grafted in the hairless region using special micro instruments.It is worth-mentioning here that there is not much difference between the two types of hair transplants. The patient in both surgeries is under local anesthesia while the grafting method is also same. However, the results obtained from FUE hair transplant are found to be comparatively better.

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