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The hair is the woman's crowning glory. This is the one that makes her feel that she is an Asian art and no girl would deny the fact that when during bad hair day, the least thing she wants to do is to look at her reflection in the mirror because no matter how one is dressed up to the nines when the hair is in bad shape, seems like everything else is not in place.

When we speak of hair not doing fine as that of the other day, we do not mean that it is less shiny or not well combed. But there are just days that our hair does not suit the contour and features of our face, the color or collar of our clothes. There are days that we wake up when our hair no matter what we do does not just bring the best us in. And for most women, how satisfied they are with their looks speak greatly of how their days will go! Long and shiny gorgeous hair is not enough. The length of the hair needs to consider the contours of our face. While long hair can make the looks of many women divine, others are just up to shorter hair because this is what flatters their face and makes them feel that they are up to modelling an artwork for sale. Short hair can be very cool and can make some look sexy just as thin flat hair strands can look good so are big curls can suit some facial contours. However, the challenge is to how to take in cutting our long gorgeous hair to try something new when all of us know that to make our hair grow long again is not an overnight waiting period. It is true that patience is a virtue and that applies to waiting but not to girls who had their hair cut short only to find out that the new look does not suit her. With this in mind, prior to going to salon, a little research over the net to be guided on what suits our face and style will help, not to mention that beauty experts who are to cut our hair can know better and are well-trained on such field.

Physical beauty is created just as how an artist creates his Asian art. Something beautiful for others may not really suit us. This is why following what is in fashion may not be too fashionable for us. We need to take into consideration our physical features, our lifestyle and our personalities. A girl who is always on the go and barely has time to fix her hair can be better with cool short hair that will not require too much attention to care for it or for it to just fall perfectly in to right places.

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