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Hair extension is one of the most sought for beauty therapies in the salons today. There are several precautions that one needs to take before going for any hair maintenance service. You also need to be keen on the type of salon you will go for. Any simple mistake will lead to loss of hair and other negative impacts on to your appearance.

The introduction of the tape extension method among the Perth hair extensions services has led to the improvement of this extension technology. It is worth noting that there are some myths that need to be demystified so as to reassure you of the quality services in Perth extension service.


The first thing you really need to know is that the tape used to stick the extended is not like any normal tape. This tape will not fall out as suggested by some people. The seamless tape method of hair extension was designed to make your extended look very natural. It comes out very flat without any sign of extension. However, it would be of no use if the tape will be susceptible to falling off. The Bella Mia Tape is very durable while also easy to be removed. The tape will hold the extended for a period of three months, which is the recommended duration for you to keep the hair.

There is surely nothing special about the seamless tape hair extension method. The only unique feature is that it appears as if it is your natural hair. You will need no special brush to be using to kempt it and the oil applied is the same as the one you have been applying on to your head all the other days. Maintenance of this type of extended is in no way difficult to maintain as other people may say.

The Bella Mia brand of Hair extension that's used for the seamless tape extension in Perth is a globally recommended form of Remy human hair. It is professionally used in several salons that have made a name for themselves. Through many years of experience, the seamless tape hair extension is done in northern Perth by professional salons. Other styles that are offered in Perth salon include keratin straightening, colouring and foiling among others. You can always book an appointment and give the specifications of the service you want done on to your head.

It is important for you to always be going for those hair services that have been tested and proven such as the Hair extensions Perth WA. You no longer have to use the old expensive services and methods that still do not give you the natural look that you have always longed for. You do not want a style and method that people will still is able to know that the hair on your head is not natural but just an extended one. These are the reasons why seamless tape extension method has been designed for you to adapt.

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