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Since the 1960s, women's hair trends have continued to change and evolve. Let us take a look at each decade leading up to the present, analysing what 'feeling beautiful' meant to women at each specific time.

The 1960s


During the 60s, the smooth, sleek, sophisticated look was still very much 'in style'. Whether you had a cropped 'do' or lots of length to work with, it was all about creating plenty of volume in the crown area. This was often achieved with the help of a teasing brush and tons of hairspray. Another popular trend was to create an outward 'flip' with ends of your hair. This look was made popular by the gorgeous Elizabeth Montgomery. 1

The 1970s

The 1970s saw many women relax and, literally, let their hair down. Long, tousled, hippie locks were all the rage at the time. The most memorable 'hair icon' of the 70s was undoubtedly Ms Farah Fawcett who was renowned for her trademark long, blonde, feather-cut style. The androgynous look became quite prominent too, with actresses like Jane Fonda sporting a classic choppy 'do and a bold fringe.

The 1980s

Not the best decade for fashion or hair trends, the 80s are now known for introducing the world to the perm and the mullet. Big, curly hair was definitely the 'in' thing at the time, as were middle partings and darker roots. Nowadays, many of us choose to avoid perms due to the fact that they often cause damaged, dry hair.

The 1990s

Scrunchies, crimping and pig tails – the 90s definitely brought about some interesting hair trends. One of the more flattering cuts, however, was 'The Rachel' made famous by Jennifer Aniston who played Rachel Green in the iconic TV show 'Friends'.

The 2000s

The 00s was a vibrant decade to say the least. It was all about chunky highlights, wavy tresses, platinum blonde 'dos, side ponytails and feminised cornrows (a la Christina Aguilera).

The Present

Nowadays, hair trends are a lot more varied – and still pretty creative. From 'grandma hair' (where ladies of all ages dye their locks a muted grey colour) to rainbow trends (where women take their inspiration from all of the bright and exciting colours of the rainbow), who knows what future generations are going to say about our choices? Let's hope that we don't all cringe when we look back on old photos!

In the present day, feeling beautiful is all about embracing one's individuality. So grab your favourite hair care products and don't be afraid to let your inner fashionista work her magic!


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