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Is the saying “Blondes have more fun” true? Well, if it is, then platinum blondes must have the most fun. Platinum is the hot hair color this season. The color looks good with every skin tone.

Ladies, before you rush to the salon, please stop and listen-to lighten black-colored requires extra hair pampering, which means extra care and a bit of sacrifice. According to experts, a platinum hue requires high maintenance; but it's worth it.


Here are some things to expect:

Patience and Time
Please do not expect to have a shiny platinum mane in an hour. Your transformation from dark to white takes time. Experts ask ladies to bring along a lot of patience with them while going from blonde or white, for it takes time. You cannot get it done in one salon sitting.

So, be prepared to visit the salon several times. Remember, dark hair tends to turn a bit orange-ish before turning into the desired white hue.

Hair Damage
No matter what the beauty world says, the truth is that gets damaged during processes like coloring and bleaching. The degree of damage may vary, depending on the quality of color, standard of your hair stylist, the way you care for your, diet, and more.

So, hair experts advise taking these steps:

  • Choose the best stylist in town.
  • Consult and discuss about pros and cons, care and maintenance, and remove your doubts before you take the plunge.
  • Make sure your natural hair is healthy first. That way, it is less prone to damage.
  • Leave your roots alone. This prevents damage to follicles. Besides, deep roots offer a good anchor for hair color.

Be CreativeIn case you wish not to go completely platinum, choose a multi-tonal look. Ask your stylist to try color combinations. They look terrific with platinum hue.

For example, a silvery, ash hue looks mesmerizing with shadowed roots. A slight yellow or golden hue complements well with shades of pink to give an interesting look.

It's important to see your stylist regularly for touch-ups. This helps to maintain hair color for longer.

Lots of Care
When you lighten black hair it suffers from protein breakdown. This roughens texture. Experts advise being liberal in moisturization. Massage hair with coconut oil or argan oil once or twice a week and wrap it up with a warm towel for some time. Use a good-quality, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. This can be a boon for your tresses.

A deep-conditioning protein treatment can be nice for your hair, say experts. When you expect your look to give your personality added charm, you too must be ready to handle it like a baby.

Hair Removal cream Benefits
Long, lustrous, thick may look outstanding, but hair on skin is a nightmare for women. Most women dread waxing for the pain it brings. Creams for hair removal serve as a boon. Most jars are quite affordable, so if a formula does not suit your skin, you easily can change it without wasting of money.

Most creams are designed in a manner that they remove dead cell layers from the skin. This exfoliates skin and renders a beautiful glow to it. Most chemical depilatories are designed to remove hair from below the skin's surface. This means you need not worry about regrowth for at least a week. This may be shorter than waxing lasts, but it is definitely longer than shaving lasts.

One of the biggest and obvious hair removal cream benefits is that it gives you a pain-free hair removal experience. The process is neat and quick. It requires no salon visit. You can do it anytime, anywhere.

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