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1 .Research Stage – This initiates when the verity that a hair transplant is a must dawns ahead a balding person. The doctors initiated their research on this fact, visits many hospitals, search on the internet, then they finally makes their mind and reimburses the proceed to book his appointment for the procedure.

2. Stage of Nervousness- As the day for the process appears closer; the person who has decided to take a hair transplant gets nervous. This nervousness in many people can cause fears, if anyone from his family, relatives and friend having doubt about his decision to have this process. This period of nervousness start in every individual mind before two or three week earlier when they are going for the procedure.


3 Stage Of Satisfaction- Once the hair transplant procedure is finished, the person feels a sagacity of success. Later on when hair starts growing from 4-6 weeks, he experience excellent moment showing the hairlines in his head and enjoy the happiness of looking in mirror.

4 Stage of Assault- This stage starts, when the majority of the implanted hairs are begin to fall off. This is a brutal stage. It may turn into anger if the doctor's analyst is not kind and heartening with the person or his colleagues.

5. Ambivalence Stage- This stage starts when the hair losing its thickness and shining which have fall them in the ambivalence stage.

Undergoing for a surgery without any idea will cause an anxiety in your mind. Nobody wants to take risk of their lives without knowing about how the surgery process should be done. So, first you can take help from internet to find out the various information related to this procedure. You have to take opinions of different people regarding this treatment process and try to find out which process is most appropriate for you to have Hair Transplant. The articles given on internet can give you some help about the clinics, doctors and their process of treatment which will help you to find the better solution. But sometime there will be fraud information giving on the sites so you have to pay much more attention while choosing these scenarios.

Although, you are considering these facts, it will not necessary to have same picture before and after the treatment process. Read carefully; the content present on different sites must be personal, it will not be just like a formal article. Search for reviews about the doctor, clinic and all process of Hair Transplant treatment. If you find negative reviews for any clinics and doctors' try to avoid them. A hair transplant blog will help people in the long run. It will not only help you get the big picture, but will also let you know more about the doctors and clinics near you. Maybe someday, you might also create your own personal blog about hair transplant.

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