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Hair is one of the body's main defense systems. It grows in select parts so as to aid the skin and serve as a protective barrier; much like a screen and padding. The more crucial that area is, the more hair grows on it. Take the head for example. Since it is where the brain is located, it was made so that hair covers a huge part of it so as to minimize the consequences of trauma. But then again, there are some people who just have too much hair on their bodies. That instead of serving its innate purpose, it becomes more as a nuisance and a hindrance. Fortunately though, there are laser hair removal NYC treatments you can take advantage of to correct such imperfections.

Now, those who are not familiar of this treatment may misconceive it as an invasive and painful procedure, given the premise. But in actual, it is just the opposite. In fact, it's pretty much like getting a facial. When you get to the clinic, you will be asked to fill up a form. This is standard operating procedure so as to verify your background and any health condition that may contraindicate with the process. After which, you will be prepped. The targeted area of your skin will be washed using soap and water; sometimes, alcohol. And then you may be set up with protective eye gear to keep the laser from having contact with your eyes, just in case the part treated is near it.

The physician will then warm up the machine and wait until the right laser light energy settings are met. He or she may numb up the area if necessary, especially if they are well-endowed with pain receptors. And when ready, he or she will then start aiming the laser beam at your hair follicles. They will then absorb the laser's energy, get overwhelmed and then die from over exposure. Take note that it's not the hair that this treatment is targeting, in the same way as waxing does. It takes down the root. So re-growth will no longer be an option.

If you're worried about your skin cells being affected by the laser's energy, rest assured that it will not be strong enough to penetrate deeper layers and cause damage. So you will not have to worry about any part falling off or getting burned in the process. And if you are taking advantage of Intense Pulsed Light laser treatment, you'd be able to experience a more controlled and targeted laser exposure, resulting in lesser skin damage and side effects.

Laser hair removal NYC will feel like a rubber band being snapped against your skin, so the discomfort is measured mild to moderate. Some patients may feel a pain level of 5 to 7 but that will mostly depend on the area being worked on. There are, of course, parts of our body with hair that's extremely sensitive. However, since exposure will be only to thirty to forty minutes in duration, you won't actually be suffering for long.

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