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Hello readers, in our last post I discussed, how stress can cause hair loss in males and females. If you are losing a lot of hair, for that I also suggested you to visit Regenix clinic for the hair transplant in Delhi to get your youth back. In todays, episode I am going to tell you the factors that decide the best candidates for hair transplant surgery.

These days approx. 50% of people are suffering with hair loss problems at s young age due to genetics and lifestyle factors. Some people adopt their condition while others take a step forward to get their youthful appearance back. To root out their problem people plan for hair transplant (HT) surgery, which is an effective, result oriented and long lasting method.


Hair transplant is common

Hair transplant in a surgical method with a permanent result in which the hair follicles remove from back and side of the head known as 'donor site' and planting them to the bald or hairless portion called the 'recipient site'. The process is used to transplant hair in eye lashes, eye brows and head portion.

The procedure has become increasingly common in India and it is adopted by the common people as well as celebrities. It is truly amazing that high quality (h) transplantation surgery can actually give you confidence and make you look younger. The procedure is almost suitable for everyone, so let's find out the factors that decide the eligibility of the patient.

Factors that decide the eligibility of a candidate

The HT method is safe and suitable for almost everyone, but there are some factors that make you a good candidate to get the treatment.

  • The first factor that decides the best candidate for HT is Age. To get the treatment done, the ideal age is 30s and above to control your baldness. Under the age of 20s are not considered as the good candidate due to the start of hair loss problem. But if you are constantly facing (h) loss, then you can choose the (h) transplant method. Discuss everything with your surgeon and understand your (h) transplant therapy.
  • Before the surgical procedure the patient must be healthy to undergo the treatment procedure. If you have any problem like diabetes and blood pressure, then first inform your HT surgeon and discuss everything, so that he can create a customized procedure.
  • The patient must have healthy (h) growth at the 'donor site' because donor hair follicles are extracted from the donor site of the patient. The shape and thickness of the hair are also very important. Curly and wavy hair has wonderful coverage properties, it will grant more coverage to your scalp.
  • Level of baldness can also define the eligibility of a candidate. The patients who are experiencing male pattern (h) loss can undergo HT procedure. I would like to suggest you to consult the surgeon first and know the type of hair loss and then get your treatment done.

Cost of Hair (H) Transplant

Basically, transplant surgery focus on the density of hair so that it will look natural. You can get the HT treatment at flexible cost in Delhi NCR. One of the best clinics for Hair Transplant in Noida is Regenix, which provide HT procedure only @Rs. 49999/-*. Dr. Tushar Opneja is a brilliant doctor who will provide the best services for (h) loss without any pain and side effect. One will get the guaranteed results with good hair density in the hygienic environment of Regenix clinic. So don't wait more, get the HT treatment by super specialist doctor now only @Regenix.

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