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In children, there may be a rare autosomal recessive disorder of malabsorption. Menkes syndrome or syndrome usually occurs follicle pigmentation of the hair, and degeneration of the brain, bone and connective tissue, including the arterial occlusion and pale and loose skin. Treatment involves injection of copper salts.

Selenium – Selenium is an essential component of glutathione peroxidase which is an antioxidant to the system. Failure is reported in areas where the soil is low in selenium in cases parenteral nutrition. Although symptoms are mainly muscle and heart, may result hypopigmentation of the follicle and skin. For adults, the reference daily intake is 55 mg. Reported poisonings from overdoses selenium supplements.


Vitamin A – Despite the deficiency of vitamin D has not been confirmed as a cause of follicle loss, excessive intake can result in a general follicle loss and dry skin. The recommended maximum daily dose is 10.000 IU.

Vitamin D – The O role of vitamin D for follicle growth is under investigation. Several in vitro studies in animals and in cases of vitamin D-resistant rickets suggest the potential role of vitamin D in follicle growth, although not proven correlation with the male follicle loss or alopecia areata. Therefore, achieving levels of vitamin D3 in patients with D telogen follicle loss may be useful. The reference daily intake for adults is 5 to 10 mg (1 mg calciferol = 40 IU vitamin D).

Toxins – The intake of toxins such as arsenic and thallium, among others, may cause follicle loss and or breaking of the follicles. Plus the acrodynia because of mercury poisoning are rare.

Nutritional supplements – Although many of the supplements have been used traditionally for the treatment of diseases associated with the follicle, the data for use in patients without failure is limited.

Antioxidants may have long term effects on aging of follicle, but their evaluation is difficult. Has demonstrated that the amino acid taurine promotes the survival in vitro of follicular and combined with catechin polyphenol, and other ingredients. Additionally, it has been found that L-carnitine stimulates the cells of follicle follicles in vitro. Ingredients derived from soy may also affect follicle growth through anti-inflammatory activity and estrogen-dependent mechanisms, although there is a lack of in vivo studies and reports of increased red angioma.

More recent studies in humans have demonstrated a significant effect in the treatment of diffuse telogenous baldness. In a randomized, placebo-controlled study of 30 women, a supplement L-cystine in combination with pharmaceutical yeast and pantothenic acid resulted in normalization of the regeneration rate after 6 months, which is not achieved with placebo. In the clinical setting, the supplement L-cystine could help avoid transient loss of several thousands of bristles. However, further studies are needed to increase data on the importance of nutritional supplements to the follicle.

Conclusion – The follicle growth can be affected by genetic or acquired deficiencies associated with malabsorption or insufficient receipt of nutrients. Diagnosis is made by taking a thorough history, and physical examination Typical signs are positive in tension test, which is confirmed by trichografimatos or digital foto-trichografimatos, changes in diameter, structure and strength of the follicle, which can break very easily or are very thin, and changes in pigmentation, which emerge through trichoscopy.

The failure is determined through laboratory blood tests. Iron deficiency can be defined as ferritin level lower than 40 mg / L. The special treatment of deficiency will lead to improvement of the characteristics of follicle within 3 to 6 months.

Nonspecific treatment of follicle loss without a confirmed shortage has proven to be effective only in the telogen follicle loss with a supplement L-cystine, but the recommendations for use cannot be generalized.

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