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Today's quality shaving tools and products makes it easy having a great shave with soft and healthy skin. This is why an increasing number of men these days look ahead to the fun daily activity of shaving using stylish razors, brushes, smooth shaving gels and great antioxidant-packed aftershave balms. Gone are the days of after-shave redness, bumps, nicks, cuts and razor burns. With the shaving tips listed below you can easily get a clean and smooth shave.

1. Avoid using dull blades because that could cause skin irritability and cuts. You should use a razor which has sharp blades. Ideally, you should remove the old blade and replace it with new one once a week.


Don't be stingy and try to save a couple of pennies by not replacing blades too often. Do not use cheap plastic throw-away razors. A razor with a well- balanced strong handle is what you need to use for regular shaving.

2. Many men have a tendency to use fingertips to lather up. This is not appropriate. You ought to be using a quality shaving brush. This would ensure more desirable and improved shave outcomes for you and also aids to avoid skin itchiness. Take a small quantity of shaving lotion or cream and lather it up with lukewarm to hot water and shaving brush. To get an effective shave, you just need a thin and even coating of lather over the skin. If the lather is excessive, it may cause the razor blades to get blocked up and the results might not be good.

3. You should use a shaving brush for lathering up as it raises the beard from the face and softens facial hair to ensure that your razor provides a close shave. Furthermore, skin discomfort and razor burns could be prevented to a considerable extent. However make sure you properly rinse off your brush when you are done.

4. It is always a good idea to do the shaving routine during or after taking a shower. The razor blade will glide over the face with more ease if the beard is softened. For a good shave, expose your face to three to five minutes of mild steam and water before shaving. If you don't have the enough time to shower, at least thoroughly wet your facial skin with tepid water.

5. Using gentle light strokes, simply glide your razor against hair growth. Putting too much pressure on the razor will simply cause scraping of the superficial skin thereby causes skin irritation. The areas where you have got thick hair growth ought to be done lastly because the shaving gel will have a longer time to soften the hair. In between the shaving strokes, rinse the razor blade in hot water.

6. The quality of the shaving gel or cream which you select is extremely important. Using a good quality shaving lotion that is made from effective components offers you best results. Some ingredients like potassium, alcohol, mint, sodium hydroxide and camphor are used in second-rate shaving lotions. Avoid products that contain these ingredients as they may cause skin irritation. Such type of lotions and gels give only poor results. Skin dryness and irritation could be caused if you use ordinary soap for shaving purpose.

7. You not only have to wash your face after shaving, you also need to apply a moisturizing aftershave which does not carry any alcohol. As you have just removed a skin layer, your facial skin looks and feels good when you apply an aftershave balm after shaving.

Do not use aftershave with alcohol or any stinging substances because these substances only irritate the skin.

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