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Why do single strands knots appear?

These knots, also known as “fairy knots” are tiny mini knots at the end of your strands that almost look like a fairy traveled to your mane and tied your hair strands like a shoestring. They are a dreadful sight when they appear because they make you want to cut your hair,although it is not technically damaged! They come as a result of curls, twirling around itself! It is that simple, however there are two ways of caring for your hair that make them come with the quickness! Avoid these two habits at all costs:


1.Improper Nighttime Care

This is a sure way to quickly send the fairies to you with urgency. When we sleep, we all tend to twist and turn. Back and forth we go throughout the entire evening. Sending our curls up, and down, and all around. If you do not tie your hair up in a secured bun or pineapple, in which your hair sets on top of your head in a loose scrunchie, and/or do not use a satin or silk pillowcase, you will find that your hair will start to coil around itself from all of the friction between the fabric and your tendrils. Begin immediately sleeping on silk or satin fabric and if you are prone to single strand knots, go the distance of tying your tendrils up in a loose chignon or ponytail.

2.Improper Selection of Curly Hair Care Products

Using products that are not properly designed for your unique curl type could bring the knots on faster. For example, if you have tightly coiled hair, yet use curl defining gels that scrunch and draw your curls up, you could find yourself with more knots. The act of curl defining is to make hair coil a little tighter than it naturally coils. If you have no need for additional coiling, steer clear of these hair products. Also using products with artificial ingredients rather than organic natural based products can cause your locks to tangle up and form knots. Take a closer look on what you use in your hair and make some firm decisions, especially is you use formulated African American Hair Care Products that may contain mineral oil for example. Although these are great for some, mineral oil based products will surely wreck havoc. These formulas contain ingredients that require shampoo to remove them and without doing, so you will have product build up and “gumminess,” a major culprit for fairy knots.

So, make a commitment to use organic healthy hair care products like CURLS Organic Hair Care and opt for silky, satin fabrics over cotton and you will be on your way to silky, lengthy strands in no time!

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