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Everyone is talking about a sulfate free shampoo and its benefits, though only a few know exactly why are they better. Why do cosmetic brands include sulfates at all in a shampoo? If they are included in almost all the shampoos, then why are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free shampoos better? Even if they are a safer option for the hair, do they result in squeaky clean hair as regular shampoos?

There are so many such questions that remain unanswered. One needs to be sure before they change to an unfamiliar product. If you are still clueless about why and when should you choose a sulfate free shampoo, then it is time to look for answers. Many brands, such as Keranique for hair care, offer SLS free shampoos. Before selecting a SLS free product, make sure you know about its benefits.


Why are sulfates a key ingredient of most shampoos?

Sulfates are key ingredients of most shampoos, as they are excellent foaming agents. Lather has always been associated with cleanliness. The more a product lathers, the better is its cleaning affect. Most people do not feel satisfied with shampooing unless there is a lot of lather.

So why do we need SLS free shampoos?

Regular shampoos with SLS give a clean feeling, though at the same time, they also take away the essential oils and moisture from the hair. Oiling hair before a wash is important not just for nourishment, though also because it does not let sulfates strip hair of its moisture. Keeping in mind the hectic schedules and erratic oiling habits, sulfate containing shampoos are becoming increasingly harmful for hair.

When to use a SLS free shampoo?

If your hair is too dry, frizzy, or damaged, then switch to a sulfate free shampoo immediately. It makes the hair more manageable and keeps the frizz away. Although a SLS free shampoo will not lather as much as a regular shampoo, there is no difference in its cleansing ability. People who are used to high lather shampoos, take time to get used to low sud shampoos.

Women who desire stronger and fuller looking hair, must look for a change from their regular shampoos. Even though a SLS free shampoo will feel more like a conditioner, at the end of the day, it is healthier than any regular shampoo available on the market. Be patient and allow yourself to see the change.

Certain companies and brands have realized the growing demand for SLS free shampoos. Those who wish to indulge in healthier hair care options can choose from quite a decent range of hair care brands. As a trend, women are more conscious about hair loss and hair weakening matters. Men should also look for less harmful hair care options. For those who are suffering from hair thinning issues, start using a sulfate free shampoo as early as possible, and stick to it. Use it for at least a month or two to see the results. Slowly and steadily, there will be a visible improvement in hair density and texture. Healthy practices are usually tough to adopt. Be determined and sincere to your decision, and results will be extremely be positive and lasting.

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