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There is a growing concern over use of synthetic chemicals almost in all the eatables, consumers are using may it be sweets, or fruits like water melon (in which there are cases of addition of harmful synthetic sweetening agents like saccharine to make unripe or poor quality watermelons more sweet).

Hair dying, also known as coloring of the hair, is a rapidly growing segment of hair cosmetics or FMCG products for that matter. Since time immemorial, human beings have been using various colors to make them attractive, especially women. Though in primitive times there were no defined colors or color compositions so people would use only those material which were available to them and today we call those material natural colorants or coloring agents or dying agents e. g. Henna (synonymous with Mehandi in Hindi), Turmeric, Beat root and others. These all are coloring agents for various purposes, even in practice today, but the coloring agents exclusively given to mankind for coloring the agents is Henna. If we talk about Indian then we come to know that most of them are fond of keeping stylish lock. Use of haircolor is constantly attracting youngsters because the when it comes to attractive or charming personality regardless of the gender, one can not forget noticing the hair of the person in question. Two broad categories of users of haircolorants are youngsters and those who do not fall in first category.

Young India applies colors on hairs to flaunt various shades of hairs to seek attention or simply to satisfy his personal desire to look smart and different from peers for that matter. If we talk about growing use of these products in people who are in their forties or fifties, they mainly use it to rejuvenate their hairs back because there is no doubt in writing that grey hair is the most important and direct correlation with age of a man and women and grey hair also the reason of embarrassment to such people. So what is wrong in using such colors and they are like an added advantage if they are absolutely derived from natural sources. There are various options to showcase one's hair in different styles like spike and others; so a person may further add beauty to his or her hair simply by coating spike hair in different shades of natural color. We can in this way summarize there is ever increasing demand of such beneficial and harmless colors.

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