How To Take Care Of Hair At Home

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Beautiful, luscious locks are a real confidence booster for all women. However, with heat styling tools like straighteners, curlers and hairdryers becoming a part of our everyday beauty regimes, effortlessly healthy tresses seem to be rather elusive – something that you only see in glossy magazines and at glamorous red carpet events. Do you also want some of that healthy bounce and shine? Here are some expert tips for protecting your hair from constant heat styling and keeping your crowning glory looking its very best:


  • Invest in high quality hair care products that focus on preventing and repairing heat damage and split ends. The products that you use will have a massive impact on the health of your locks.
  • Apply your chosen product while your hair is still wet. It makes it easier for it to adhere to each strand, creating a lasting barrier when it comes time to turn up the heat. To ensure perfect coverage, brush through your tresses with a fine-toothed comb.
  • Avoid using a hairdryer unless you are in a rush. It is always better to go the natural route and air dry.
  • Be careful of using your styling tools on the 'high-heat' setting. Not only is it unnecessary – as you can achieve the same results by using a slightly lower setting – but it will inevitably cause worse damage in the long run.
  • Allow your locks to dry completely before curling or straightening, otherwise you risk burning your mane.
  • Treat your crowning glory to a regular hair treatment that will nourish, revive and replenish it strand by strand. It is also possible to buy a treatment that comes with built in heat protection that, when combined with other similar products, will provide you with heat-defence that is even more powerful.
  • If you can't afford expensive treatments, why not make your own at home? Good ingredients to use include avocado (rich in fatty acids and vitamins), olive oil, honey, egg and butter.
  • Purchase only quality, professional styling tools. Often, the cheaper versions come with only one setting (which is usually too hot), thus making damage unavoidable.
  • Avoid using straighteners, curlers or hairdryers every single day. If you are constantly exposing your tresses to these tools, in the long run, no amount of product is going to make it possible for you to avoid damage.
  • You can enjoy gorgeous, healthy locks as long as you take action and use the best possible tools and products. In doing so, you will be able to enjoy plenty of shine, bounce and effortless beauty – if you look after your hair, it is sure to look after you!

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