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Approaching winters make the shiny hair turn frizzy, crispy and dull. Dry is hair is always difficult to manage. Another hair problem faced during winters is the loss of shine or curl in the hair. First and foremost, it is very important to find out the reasons underlying various hair problems that come forward in winters. Here are some very helpful tips by Priya Kalra, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon, for winter care.

Winter Hair Care Tips


Check out the following tips by Priya Kalra to help you retain the beauty and shine of your head.

  • Don't go out without a cap, hat, or scarf to protect your hair from the harsh wind. This scarf should, however, be worn a little loose to help circulation in scalp.
  • Add a good conditioner to your hair care regime.
  • To prevent breakage, don't go out when your hair is still wet as it will freeze by the cold wind and might cause breakage.
  • Replace hot water used for shampoo by cold or warm water to avoid dryness.
  • For effective care in winters, make sure to apply a deep conditioner that would help fill-in the holes and chips in hair strands to make them smoother and shinier.
  • As suggested by Priya Kalra, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon, getting a healthy diet rich in protein and carbohydrates is very important for healthy and shiny hair in winters.

Solution to Winter Hair Problems

Besides the general tips, Priya Kalra also provides the best solutions to some of the most common but hard to handle hair problems faced in winters at Grace and Glamour makeup and beauty parlour in Gurgaon. These include facilities like:

  • Dry Shampoo

To avoid daily washing of hair in hard winters, waterless/dry shampoo is the best solution. There are numerous sprays and powders available that don't need to be rinsed after application. Brushing is all that is required.

  • Scalp Treatments

Itching and dry scalp is another problem that women come across in winters. Fir this problem, specialists at Grace and Glamour makeup and beauty parlour in Gurgaon provide effective treatments like herbal preparations including tea-tree smear with fruit oils or any other oil.

Wrapping up, it is very important to be careful when selecting hair care products. A product working effectively in winters might not show the same results in winters. Select a quality product that would work effectively in protection and repair of dry hair.

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