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The United States Food and Drug Administration doesn't typically recommend natural remedies, nonetheless they actually do propose that folks either increase the quantity of oily fish they have, otherwise they ought to think about consuming health supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids. When you go to the FDA website, you'll notice they released their official notification on September 8, 2004. In the official announcement, they confirm that there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that a food plan rich in omega-3 can go quite a distance in preventing coronary heart disease.

We have furthermore noticed from many other research studies, that behavioral problems in boys and girls with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder improved quite drastically after they were given daily fish oil supplements. Actually, one clinical trial that was undertaken in Australia found fish oil to be more successful than a number of the major ADHD prescription drugs.


Omega-3 essential fatty acids are likewise considered to be good for one's joints, although to be totally truthful, additional research still needs to be done. As of now, there doesn't appear to be any kind of tangible evidence to suggest that daily supplements might be a powerful treatment for illnesses such as osteoarthritis, although a lot of arthritis sufferers think fish oil does help.

So, what about fish oil benefits for hair growth? Can it be that easy for a bald man to restore his head to its past glory? To date, there is absolutely no definitive evidence to support this, and let's be honest, it's obvious to see why. If you could easily get all your hair back by simply having a number of affordable supplements, I doubt you'd ever see another bald man again.

That being said, it appears to be there is in truth a certain amount of truth in claims concerning advantages of omega-3 fatty acid for hair growth. For example, fish oil contains iron, and iron in turn delivers oxygen to hair follicles, thereby resulting in better growth. Whether or not it leads to new growth is not yet totally understood. Some stress that it does, while other people argue that far more research is needed before we can be entirely certain.

No matter what what research studies might have to say, huge numbers of people all over the world know beyond all doubt that quality fish oil supplements can without a doubt benefit one's hair, and they know about this due to the fact that they've actually witnessed it with their own eyes. Still, skeptical? Go ahead and give your dog or cat fish oil, in raw form or supplement form, and keep an eye on how their fur improves. Within just a little while it will probably be shimmering like never before, which tells me there must obviously be some link between omega-3 fatty acids and hair.

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