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It is undeniable that when you get older, you are likely to have grey hair; however, if you are still young and are already a having a few strands, you must find out the reason behind greying before you look for a cure. If you have grey hair, it means that your body lacks Catalase, an enzyme that's supposed to take care of coloration; moreover, even Hydrogen Peroxide is not being broken down. Of course, when trying to find what causes grey hair, you may also come across a genetic reason, but in this case, you must get in touch with your dermatologist.

Nevertheless, if you are sure that genetics is not what causes grey hair in your family, then you can either look for something that can cover grey hair, or try to eradicate the problem. However, when looking for a color for gray hair, you should avoid anything that's not natural and has harmful chemicals. If your body is already dealing with the lack of Catalase, it may not be able to handle the side-effects of Hydrogen Peroxide and Lead, which are likely to be integral components of any artificial product that you use. Instead, you can use henna to cover grey hair and get a temporary solution to your problem.


Unfortunately, even henna is not a long-term alternate as the color that it gives to your hair is neither natural nor lasts for more than a month. Moreover, henna may be less costly than an artificial product, but it also requires to be reapplied every now and then, and is messy. Therefore, after finding out the reason behind the problem of greying, you should straightway look for a cure that can bring your natural hair color back and make you look your age when you are young. As such, if you try to cover grey hair, you may get temporary relief, but your hair will turn brittle and lifeless over a period of time.

Meanwhile, when trying to bring your natural hair color back, you need to make up for the lack of Catalase in your body. Therefore, you should preferably look for pills or vitamins that contain this enzyme, instead of finding a color for gray hair as the former is unlikely to reverse the process of greying. Moreover, when you avoid using men's hair color and rather consume these pills, you may also succeed in making your hair fuller especially if the pills contain other ingredients as well including Nettle Root Extract and Horsetail.

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Get Away Grey offers all-natural vitamins, which are good for those youngsters who are already experiencing the problem of greying. Unlike an artificial color for gray hair, these vitamins and do not contain Hydrogen Peroxide and other chemicals which can damage the scalp, and rather induce Catalase into the body, thereby initiating reversal.

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