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The most common dry scalp signs and symptoms are itchiness, redness and flakiness. Because the infected areas are underneath the hair, it may not easily be discovered. A lot of doctors agree on how the treatment processes can be very hard, yet the majority of its root causes are often avoidable. The fundamental reason for dry scalp is the decrease in the essential oils necessary for the hair and also the skin. The paragraphs below will explain the main causes of dry scalp.

It is common for the scalp to become drier during the winter months. Normally the skin cell restores the body oil to maintain the scalp moist throughout the day. But this is not the case once the humidity level declines. The skin will lose moisture during the period more than its recreation rate.


In some cases contact with strong air and heating conditioning can accelerate the scalp becoming dry. Air conditioning and heating often causes the skin to aggravate and it may possibly worsen the problem. Most likely, such an individual will feel an urge to scrub the dry scalp which will in time cause external damage posing a risk of bacterial contaminations.

Most people often shower or bath with hot water which is a hazard to health in this case. Anytime the skin layer is open to heat, it is able to break down the lipids consequently leading to the dryness of skin. Continuous hot water showering or bathing will worsen the skin texture and eventually make it difficult to deal with drying scalp.

One more source of dryness could be using a low quality shampoo. Most of these shampoos come with cleaning agents for example sodium lauryl sulfate which may cause the skin to behave in a wrong way and therefore become dry. Many health researchers have advised using shampoo produced with pure substances for example tea tree oil, urea or shea butter. All these substances stop the skin cells from peeling off and dying. If applied on a regular basis, the scalp may be hydrated and irritation will fade away as well.

Head massage is a good home treatment for the problem. Poor blood circulation may be the cause of the issue. Rubbing will stimulate healthy skin renewal that will give the moisture and oil the scalp requires. One more option would be to take Vitamin B on a regular basis. Studies suggest shortage of Vitamin B could possibly be a factor for skin and scalp diseases. If the issue persists even with trying the recommendations, then it is time to talk to a medical doctor.

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