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Combs have been around for thousands and thousands of years. In fact, this hair care tool is among the oldest items that has been unearthed by archaeologists.

The earliest types of combs are believed to be made of ivory, bones, and wood. However, over time, combs made from different materials like silver, brass, tin, and horn were created.


Today, combs are considered valuable tools for hair maintenance. They are must-have items for styling, straightening, sectioning, and parting the hair strands.

Here is a selection of combs used in hair care as well as in creating glamorous hairstyles for any occasion:

  • Fine-Tooth Comb – is used for parting or sectioning the hair.

This type of comb consists of thin teeth which are spaced very close together. A fine-tooth comb is ideal in creating soft curls for beachy waves and boho chic hairstyles.

  • Pick Comb (Afro Pick) – is used for kinky and coil hair types.

This type of comb has loose teeth. Pick combs can also be used as accessories to hold the hair in a bun.

  • Styling Comb – is used for detailing and smoothing the hair during styling.

This comb has two sets of teeth: fine and closely spaced teeth on one end and widely spaced teeth on the other. Styling combs aid in creating a variety of hairstyles from the classic buns, ponytails, and chignons to the fashionable braids and half-up do.

  • Teasing Comb – is used to add volume to the hair.

This type of comb has fine teeth which are spaced closely, similar to a fine-tooth comb. Hairstylists make use of the teasing comb to give the hair a lift for creating hairstyles like buns and chignons.

  • Wide-Tooth Comb – is specifically designed for detangling and fluffing the hair.

This type of comb has wide gaps or big spaces between every tooth which are useful in smoothing out tangles or knots to keep the hair from getting damaged, resulting to hair breakage and hair loss. Wide-tooth combs are commonly used by people with straight, curly, or frizzy hair.

As much as hairstyling has evolved, so have the materials, forms, and functions of combs. Even a comb for baldness exists, and that is the laser comb.

But in order for you to find no need for a laser comb, you have to take care of your locks by using the right tools, and that starts with having a comb most apt for your hair type.

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