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Hair extensions will provide you with an instant and gorgeous look and will be very easy to take care of. Of course you want to maintain that gorgeous look for a long time. Taking good care of hair extensions is an ongoing process and the final results will totally depend on your effort and the knowledge that your hair stylist has. The following are tips that will help you to properly maintain your natural extensions:


  • Regularly brush
  • You should make it a habit to regularly brush your hair extension. A soft brush will detangle your extensions without causing any damage. Be gentle since pulling it can cause breakage.

    • Wash carefully

    You should detangle before applying shampoo and make sure to do it slowly. To prevent tangling, you should consider applying shampoo in a downward motion and be a little bit gentle.

    • Apply a conditioner

    Apply conditioner and by using the downward motion, carefully brush the quick hair extensions to remove the remaining tangles.

    • Leave it to dry

    You should leave the hair extensions for at least 30 minutes to dry. This will save you more time since you will not need to deal with tangles that can result from putting on wet hair.

    • Blow dry

    Use very low heat to dry the quick hair extensions. Proper hair maintenance will reduce chances of breakage and shredding. You should treat the hair with care when styling in order to ensure that they will last long and will look great.

    • Store with care

    You should first clean the hair, condition it, dry it, detangle and finally place it in a clean and air tight container.

    • Tie back

    Before sleeping and before doing physical activities, you should consider sweeping the hair back in a ponytail. This will help you avoid tangles and will also limit its exposure to sweat.

    • Be gentle

    If you want your extensions to last longer, you should highly avoid knotting tightly and hard pulling. You are recommended to make regular trips to your stylist for professional checkups.

    By following these tips, your hair will indeed look gorgeous for a longer period of time. That's good news for your look as well as your purse.

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