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Using a hair straightener, can be the best method to straighten you temporarily or permanently. If used using the necessary precautions, it will do you no harm. They are very easy to handle and amazes you with the desired outcome within a limited time.

No doubt that Panasonic has been one of the best styling products manufacturer. But what makes it special? What is the secret behind it?


What are the criteria should a good straightener should possess? On what factors is a hair styler is chosen?

Price – Money plays a very important role, no matter whatever product you wish to buy. So is this thought at Panasonic. Panasonic has its straighteners, curlers or to that matter any hair styling products at the most affordable prices than any other brand. The range of the price caters to almost all everyone.

Weight and design – An ideal straightener will have an elegant design and will weigh a few grams. For the fact, Panasonic has both: its elegant design not only makes it easier to handle, but also adds to its looks. And not to forget about its weight, its hair stylers weigh lesser than the other products available.

Plate's types – Every hair straightener is built-in with two plates. The ceramic plates used assures zero heat damage, only if use with proper instructions. And Panasonic ensures that all of its hair straighteners have it.

Heating time – Straighteners with a fast heat-up time, as well as being more convenient to use, recover heat more quickly for a consistent high temperature during use. Panasonic's hair stylers have a maximum heating time of 30 seconds (which sounds 'amazing') while others take up more than 60 seconds.

Panasonic hair straighteners, play an important role, when it comes to the features in built in their products.

  • The straightener has multiple temperature settings with a maximum number of 5 levels of temperature. With 5 temperature settings, it lets you pick the heat setting which best suits your hair type. If you have finer hair you can use a lower heat setting.
  • Temperature Display – Lets you see the heat you are subjecting is the temperature display of this hair straightener.
  • Platinum Negative Ions – With platinum negative ions, Panasonic's straighteners and curlers provides you with long lasting straightening. In addition to this, these ions make your hair shinier and lend it a healthier glow.
  • Ion technology – The ion technology of these straighteners helps retain the moisture. Furthermore, the technology prevents frizz along with leaving your hair looking smooth and soft.
  • Many of Panasonic straightener comes with an automatic shut off time of 60 minutes, this ensures that you don't face any dangerous situations.
  • It comes with regulated heat patterns, makes sure that you are allowed to choose the right heat setting.

If you are looking for the best product that you can every have for your priceless hair, it is recommended that you should go for Panasonic.

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