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Puzzled on how to style your medium length hair and stay on-trend without putting in too much effort! Then check out these amazing hairstyles for medium hair that is not only hassle-free and convenient to prepare but can also make you look gorgeous, no matter what occasion or time it is.

1. Messy Waves


These messy, tight curls are perfect for the office or a party. The falling soft swirls just past the shoulders with layers of medium length can help reduce the heaviness. It is ideal for all face shapes and easy to prepare with the new curling machines.

2. Soft Edges

If you are looking for a longer bob, then this hairstyle is for you. It is an easy to make avoluminousshade that is both fun and attractive. The edgy layers add great texture to the entire hairstyle and offer a gentle contrast to the teased swoop, soft edges on the top. It is an excellent hairstyle for square shape face as it can make it appear elongated and attractive.

3. Unmatched Elegance

A bold and equally glamorous look can be attained with the thick, dramatic bangs created with medium length waves. With iron machines available, creating such bangs is simple and convenient. The best thing is that you just have to run your fingers through the strands to get a naturally curly look in just a few minutes.

4. Braids

Braids of different styles are a raging trend, and you do not have to be a superb stylist to get them perfect. The simple to create fishtail braid is still on trend and looks gorgeous as well as boho-chic at the same time. It is an amazing hairstyle that goes well with all types of hairs and can be styled for a regular day at the office or a night party.

5. Trendy Marilyn

Strands of medium length that are lifted to the ideal length are the best to glow. The length of the strands iscut right at the shoulders, and the layers are gently created to add volume and fullness around the neck. The result is simply divine as the sleek strands blend beautifully with the bouncy curls, which makes it one of gorgeous hairstyles for medium hair.

These are the top hairstyles precisely for hair of medium length. But if you do not have enough time to spend then you can opt for the other two simple hairstyles that are ideal for every occasion. The first one are the simple curls that you can attain even by tying a bun of your wet hairs and then opening it after dry and the second one is flat ironing of hairs, which is an easy and time-saving task to perform.

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