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The grafts are then transferred into those sites of the head where the client needs to have more hair to form a naturally appearing hair line or add thickness to the areas of the head where the hair are thin.

Unlike traditional FUT hair replacement procedures, Follicular Unit Extraction is distinctive for one major reason; in this process follicular units are removed right away from the scalp while follicles are microscopically sliced up from a strip that has been eliminated in the procedure of FUT.


How Follicular Unit Extraction is carried out?

During the process of Follicular Unit Extraction, separate follicular unit grafts are removed one by one simultaneously by utilizing a small one millimeter in diameter tool. This particular tool is utilized to make a tiny circular slit in the skin around the follicular unit. The graft is then taken out straight from the scalp.

Usually the client's hair from the donor site where these grafts are being taken out is trimmed, cut in very short length or more or less shaved so that the doctor will be able to clearly observe the client's scalp to carry out the procedure correctly.

The tiny hole that is left behind after extracted the follicle unit will recovery in next few days. The minute opening then began to contract as it recovers, leaving behind a round scar that will be less visible. The FUE patient usually finishes up with a number of tiny dim colored scars that are generally unnoticeable to the bare eye just after the patient's hair starts to grow out.

Who is the most suitable person for Follicular Unit Extraction?

The most appropriate person for FUE hair transplant treatment should have below mentioned qualities:

  • Person who prefers to go for rather simple type of treatment generally up to 1,000 grafts
  • Clients with an inadequate donor contribution
  • People with restricted scalp flexibility
  • Those who have had quite a number of FUT treatments before and consequently have a restricted donor supply or inadequate scalp flexibility
  • Clients who have a requirement or wish to have very short hairThose who don't have any issue to narrowly punching the donor site hair during the surgery

If you are thinking to go for the procedure of hair transplant, while choosing any type of surgical hair transplant procedure, it's very significant to identify what you eventually need to achieve for long term. Instantaneous gratification just isn't feasible with surgical hair re-establishment; a person has to wait for an entire year if he just needs to go for one procedure. Therefore, make sure to think about all of your alternatives prior to finalizing any decision.

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